6 ways to keep your home safe from burglars!

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How to protect yourself from a Theft in your Home.

Have you ever wondered how safe is your home? In an article that I read recently the burglars revealed their secrets. KGW8 news investigative team sent letters to 86 inmates currently serving time for burglary. The inmates were asked to respond anonymously to 17 questions detailing how they broke in, when the crime occurred and what they were looking for. Here is what I found most interesting!

Home Theft - Ohio Home Insurance

  • They usually enter through unlocked doors or window.  But will kick in your door rather than break the glass.
  • The first thing they grab are your electronics, jewelry and cash, by first searching the master bedrooms, then they go through the rest of the home.
  • They prefer to break in early morning or afternoon.
  • All knock on the front door before breaking in a home.
  • Some were deterred by security sign, but not all.  Big loud dogs do deter them, but not smaller dogs.
  • If a security alarm goes off they usually leave, but some would try to turn off the alarm.[ac-sc id=”12415″]

They were mixed on security cameras and lights left on.  But a television or radio playing would be a deterrent.  Also a car in the driveway is a deterrent, unless it obviously is never driven. Importantly, you as the homeowner should have good lighting, trim bushes and trees.  Get to know your neighbors.

Protect your home the best you can and be safe.
If you would like to read the full article CLICK HERE.
Kyle Iboshi, KGW Senior Investigative Reporter. “We asked 86 burglars how they broke into homes.” 


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