5 Ways to Improve Your Health

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Matt House

Woman visiting Montmartre, Paris

Smile and laugh more – Those who smile and laugh tend to have a more positive outlook which leads to longer and healthier lives. When we laugh the body changes physiologically in ways that can be measured scientifically. Significant research demonstrates that those who smile and laugh frequently, relax and sleep better, manage pain more effectively, maintain normal blood pressure more easily, have stronger immune system function and even burn more calories and raise their metabolism which makes laughter very similar to exercise in its effects on the body in the realm of blood sugar regulation. Observe what makes you smile and laugh and bring more of those elements into your life.

Seek nature – People show physiological and psychological improvements in their health and wellbeing when they interact with trees and plants. Research shows that cognitive and emotional functions when engaging in creative play or meditative practices in natural green environments improves greatly. Everything in existence vibrates in a very subtle manner. It has been proven that different vibrations affect biology in different ways. When you touch a tree its vibration pattern can have a positive effect on various biological behaviors in your body on a cellular level.

Slow down – The speed you move through life with informs your body that you are safe or that you must complete tasks under penalty of death or serious injury. When we constantly move rapidly from one task to another, we get stuck in fight or flight mode with our adrenal glands maxed out and our bodies perpetually prepared for peril. A hyper aware nervous system has more influence than you may realize. These biological signals can affect everything from mood, sleep, social interaction, constipation, energy levels, metabolism, food choices and much more. Learn to slow down and complete tasks in a more mindful and deliberate way to improve the quality of your life.

Try new things – Those who seek new experiences typically maintain more positive emotions and tend to minimize the negative ones as opposed to those who engage in fewer experiences. There is a positive effect on the mind and body when the imagination is allowed freedom. Research indicates that individuals who engage in activities like dancing, painting, creative writing, or singing are not just happier than those who don’t, but they are healthier too. It is thought that these things may boost the immune system from an increased sense of social engagement and personal growth.

Seek community – Friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, and pets all have the potential to improve your overall health. People have better health when they have a strong sense of community and researchers have found that those who interact with their fellow employees in a supportive and friendly work environment actually live longer! It turns out that this is particularly true for heart health. In housing cooperatives where there is a sense of personal interaction with others many people report both improved emotional and physical health. Humans truly are social beings and we need playmates to survive.


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