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A Life Well Lived

This is the place we are depositing the golden nuggets of knowledge and inspiration we all come across from time to time. We are hoping for everything from simple stories to strategies for making important decisions. Right now, it is a big “pile” of articles etc., but we hope we can find a good way to organize this and search through it in the future. If you have something to share, CLICK HERE.  We would love to hear from you.

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John Maxwell: Weeks Seven and Eight

We have a lot to cover in the past few sessions! In this summary, we will be going through the four chapters we went over in weeks seven and eight. They actually flow into each other pretty smooth which makes implementing them a little easier to practice. We will be...

Survivor of Suicide Support Group Forming

My name is Carol Griesdorn and I am the younger sister of Randy Griesdorn, who died by suicide almost 5 years ago.  It has been an emotional journey that was unexpected but could happen to anyone, anytime.  Everyone hears about suicide, but no one wants to talk about...

John Maxwell: Week Four – Respect and Intuition

John Maxwell: Week Four - Respect and Intuition In the most recent class of our John Maxwell training, we went over laws seven and eight, The Law of Respect and The Law of Intuition. Our homework from the previous week was to make a list of our five people closest to...

Learn To Lead Week 2 Summary

The first week Dave Finchum warned us that sometime during this 10 week course we would each feel overwhelmed, but I didn't think it would happen to me this fast! I'm bouncing back, but yesterday I thought I would never catch up. Law #3: The Law of Process -...

Learn To Lead Summary Week 1

Thanks to everyone for participating in our the first of our 10 week Leadership Training course!  This week we covered the first 2 of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell: The Law of The Lid and The Law of Influence. I'm not going to attempt anything...