5 Reasons to Combine your Insurance When Getting Married

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insuranceCombined insurance policies for couples is the way to go.

Did you know married couples get into fewer accidents than those that are not married? If you have recently tied the knot, then it is time for you to contact your insurance agency to combine your insurance.





Here are five reasons why now is the time.

1. When combining your insurance with your spouse, you may be amazed at what you are about to find out! After getting married, we are able to apply a few more discounts to your policy, which may save you money.

2. Simplicity – who wants to have numerous insurance companies, when you can combine and just have one?! Who wants to pay two or three bills, when you can just pay one.

3. Health Insurance Savings – Check with your employers to see if you can both get on the same health insurance plan.

4. Coverage gap – You think your fiance has your engagement ring on his policy, and he thinks it is on yours. Combine and have just one policy to review each year.

5. Claim settlement –  Imagine a large hail storm comes through and you have two cars insured with two different insurance companies? That means you will be dealing with TWO insurance companies, TWO adjusters, and in the end be waiting to get paid from TWO different insurance companies.

If you’re considering combining insurance, you’re most likely combining your finances as well. Having one place where you keep up-to-date financial information that both of you have easy access to is very important. Download our easy-to-use financial organizer to keep records of what you have, what you owe, and what your budget is as a couple.

Download MPL Financial Planner!

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