5 Great Ideas to get Your Budget in Gear.

All, Living Adventures, Preferred Movement     by Alexis Muhlenkamp

Budgets are the best way to keep your money in check (pun intended!) Everyone needs a good budget to make sure they don’t accidentally recklessly spend their money. Sadly, most people hate keeping up with their budget. Here are five tips to make your budget easy.

Have a goal.

The best way to feel motivated to do, frankly, ANYTHING involving a budget is to have something that you’re saving up for. Like a fancy vacation, new car, or a home renovation. Setting aside money for something important to you also helps you want to have more of a structure in your budget.budget

Give Yourself Some Buffer Money.

Make sure that you put a little bit of extra money so you are able to pay for unexpectedly high bills and emergencies. You can never be too careful!

When you pay, try to use cash.

If you can actually SEE the money that you’re spending, you’re a lot more likely to not spend as much. It’s as simple as that.

budget2Anticipate this month’s costs.

At the beginning of the month, try to predict your expenses for the rest of the month in different categories. Then if you ever need to, you can adjust your money by changing what category it is in.

 Just keep it simple.

Make sure you’re very clear with your budget, you can use spreadsheets on your computer or a plain ol’ checkbook to keep everything organized. Being able to be organized with your money is the first step to having a successful budget.

The financial planner provides you with one place where you can keep, and easily access, your up-to-date financial information. 

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If you want more ideas, feel free to go to; http://www.today.com/money/build-family-budget-actually-works-2D79417869


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