4 Fun Facts About Cinco De Mayo!

All, Preferred Movement     by Stacy Lochtefeld

Many of us are guilty of using Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) as an excuse to enjoy some guacamole or a margarita or two (or three). It is sometimes referred to as “Mexican St. Patrick’s Day.” There is much more to this holiday than guacamole, however.

Here are 4 fun facts you may not have known about the holiday:

  • It’s not such a big deal in Mexico!
    1. In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is not nearly as important a holiday as Independence Day, September 16.
  • It is NOT Mexico’s independence day
    1. That’s a common misconception. Mexico celebrates its independence day on September 16, the date in 1810 Father Miguel Hidalgo issued his “Grito de Dolores,”or famous call to arms to overthrow the Spanish.
  • It celebrates a most unlikely victory.
    1. In May of 1862, a powerful French army was in Mexico, fighting its way to Mexico City, where they hoped to force the Mexican government to honor some previous debts.Mexican soldiers, most of them with no training and poor equipment, defeated the French.
  • The world’s largest Cinco de Mayo Party takes place in…
    1. Los Angeles, California. Every year, the people of Los Angeles celebrate “Festival de Fiesta Broadway” on May fifth (or on the closest Sunday). Hundreds of thousands attend annually.

So whatever your reason maybe to celebrate, get into the festive mood and pig out on nachos and margaritas with family & friends!




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