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  • The 4 Keys
    • Purpose: Have a purpose you want to live for.
    • Connect: With people you love and/or respect.
    • Progress: You need to feel like you are making progress in something that matters.
    • Control: You need to feel like you have some control.
  • 4 Chemical we produce that control our moods
    • Endorphins – Mask pain, encourage physical exertion, keep us going when exhausted, and laughing!
    • Dopamine – This is a reward for making progress on something we see as important. Complete a task, finish a project.
    • Serotonin – The Leadership Chemical – It is created when we interact with others for good.
    • Oxytocin – The Love Chemical We Love – creates feeling of Love, Friendship and Deep Trust. It is release with acts of generosity and good will.

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