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Online Bible Journal

The Bible Journal is actually on Dan’s personal website – www.astoneintheshoe.org

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So why is a Bible Journal available on a business website?:  At Preferred Insurance our motto is “Making A Difference Is Our Business”, and that means we want to help improve your family, your business and your life. With that in mind, we created a Personal Growth section and in my opinion, that may include your faith life. This is a tool that you are free to use or not use. Just as we offer many discounts and coupons through our partners, but you don’t use them all, using this or any of our tools is completely up to you.

So what can I expect from this Online Bible Journal?  It’s pretty simple. I have been reading the Bible almost daily for a long time and this is my favorite method. I read a little and write what I read on the top of the journal (black).  Then I write my thoughts or comments, often very personal, in blue. I usually then write a short prayer in green. Sometimes I will have a thought or related verse and I write it down, in red because I fear it my be from God.

It’s really that simple. I’m not a Bible scholar or theologian and I surely am incredibly sinful and ashamed of myself a lot. But maybe that is the type of person you will be able to relate to. Who knows?