Community Involvement

Our community is made up of our friends and families and we want to be a part of it so we can make a real difference

Preferred Insurance Center understands that our community is vital, not only to our business, but to our children, our homes, our schools and our lives. We are blessed to be where we are and we truly desire to make a difference in our neighborhood and world.

First, we decided to make 2012 the year of giving back

It was our way of saying “thank you” for the 100 years the community had given us. Next, we started Quotes4Causes. It’s simple. Every time we quote a policy for someone, we give $10 to a local charity.

We also started Flamingo Flocking, which is a whole story itself and works on getting our team involved in many more charitable activities.

The most amazing thing about all this is the effect it has had on Preferred Insurance Center. We started to have a new spirit and enthusiasm. We are working with a greater purpose. It has made us all better people and a better agency.

Going Forth With a New Purpose!

With our new purpose and enthusiasm, we suddenly started growing faster and hiring people. We changed our marketing focus to incorporate social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We wanted work to be fun and fun for you to work with, so we started having contest and prizes. It seems to be working!

We’ve grown from five employees to 11 and raised more than $152,000 for local charities. God has been very good to Preferred Insurance Center.

Striving to be better!

We have changed our renewal process drastically. Every year, around the time of your homeowner renewal, someone from our staff will give you a call. We are going to offer you a chance to completely review of your coverages.

We donate $10 for EVERY quote!

In 2012, Preferred Insurance celebrated our 100th birthday. As we considered how to celebrate, we thought about how blessed we were to be part of our community and wanted to find a way to give something back. We decided we would give $10 to a local charity every time we quoted a policy, whether the policy was actually sold or not.

Well, I remember being told once that you can’t out-give God, and that proved to be the case. In 2012 we sold twice as many policies as we had ever sold before, and we gave almost $10,000 to local charities.

Sometimes I can be a slow learner, but even I could see this was a good thing. We decided to just keep going with this program. Since 2012, we’ve given more than $152,000 to charities.

Now this is just part of how we do things every day. $10 isn’t a big deal, but it adds up and we are honored and blessed to have the opportunity and ability to say thanks in this small way.