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Life Should Be An Adventure

My personal life has gone from very depressed to a tremendous adventure. These are some of my stories and tips. I’m not a therapist or anything, just a common guy hoping that my experience may help someone else.

Links to published follow-ups. New videos will be added to the bottom.

  1. Kick Starter: The Art Of Starting Well
  2. The Best Advice Ever Was A Blank Sheet Of Paper
  3. The “Gloom Room” Or The “Bloom Room”
  4. The 4 Keys & 4 Chemicals
Trailblazer Tuesday: Avoiding Broken Resolutions

Trailblazer Tuesday: Avoiding Broken Resolutions

Trailblazer Tuesday: Avoiding Broken Resolutions | Holding Yourself Accountable

Did you know about 2-3 weeks into the New Year 48% of people give up on their New Year’s resolution. 80% of people give up on their resolution by the second week of February. Leaving only about 8% of people who follow through with their resolution to the end of the year. Today we are going to discuss a simple method to hold yourself accountable on your resolution(s)!
Trailblazer Tuesday – Time Management : Touch it Once

Trailblazer Tuesday – Time Management : Touch it Once

Did you know, each interruption on a task makes it take 15-20% longer! You are also 300% more likely to make an error if you have to “start” working on a task more than once!

Here are a few suggestions on how to avoid these interruptions:

  1. Work In “Spurts”.
    1. Schedule quiet time if possible.
    2. Have quiet places to go to work.
    3. Don’t interrupt others – they won’t interrupt you.
  2. Focus and finish.
    1. Be a little crazy about finishing what you start.
      1. Don’t “take a break”, and then start something else.
      2. Use “real” deadlines to force yourself to finish.
      3. Set enough time aside for a task before you start it.
  3. Do your worst task first.
    1. Your sense of accomplishment goes way up!
    2. You end your day with easier tasks – relaxing!


Trailblazer Tuesday – Time Management (Part 2) How To: Manage Your Energy

Trailblazer Tuesday – Time Management (Part 2) How To: Manage Your Energy

How To: Manage Your Energy

It’s go time! But what time is that exactly? Well, for everyone that time will vary. We all have a certain time of the day that we are more productive than other times in the day. For some, it maybe from 4 A.M. – 7 A.M. Others, it maybe 9 AM – 12 AM.

Not always, but most of us are able to be flexible on our ‘go times’. Be sure the important things are into the time you have the energy to do it.

Trailblazer Tuesday – Time Management Series(Part 1)

Trailblazer Tuesday – Time Management Series(Part 1)

Today, we kicked of a little series going over time management.

We all have had days where we have a list of things that we need to do that day. Then you receive a phone notification, getting your attention to check your Facebook news feed. Or, perhaps your phone rings, and through that conversation another task or distraction gets added to your day. The end of day comes a long and you feel like you did not get anything accomplished.

Have you ever had a day where you feel like you accomplished a lot. However, when asked what you got done that day you can only think of one thing, maybe two. This may leave you wondering why you feel like you did not get anything accomplished.

In our lives, the things we have to do can be divided into four different categories.

  1. Things that are not important and not urgent
  2. Things that are urgent, but not important
  3. Things that are urgent and important
  4. Not urgent and important.

Studies show that majority of our time during the day is spent in the ‘not important, not urgent’ category. These are things that we really haven’t planned on doing, but have interrupted our day. They maybe fun and we enjoy doing them.

The next most popular category is the things that are urgent, but not important. These things may appear urgent, but in the course of your life, they really don’t matter.

Hopefully we spend some part of our time in the urgent and important category. The key word in this situation, and all others similar, is the word urgent. the things that actually make a difference will end up in the ‘ not urgent, but important’ category. For example, making a point to say something nice to your wife. Or reading personal development book. All things in which are definitely not urgent, but are very important. You will also find, when you do something in this category, it will make all your other tasks easier to get done.

Thanks for joining us for another Trailblazer Tuesday!

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Trailblazer Tuesday – What will you be remembered for?

Trailblazer Tuesday – What will you be remembered for?

What Will You Be Remembered For?

Today’s Trailblazer Tuesday we are going to have a bit of a history lesson.

If you were asked what Thomas Edison most remembered for, you would say the light bulb. But, what makes the light bulb so significant? It extended the length of our day.

What would come to mind if someone mentioned the name Walt Disney to you? Perhaps Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney World and imagination.

Why were the Wright Brothers so significant? They were aviation pioneers who were credited with inventing, building, and flying the first successful airplane. What was the impact of the airplane? It allowed us to travel, long distances in shorter periods of time.

Thomas Edison was around until about 1930, which was well after the age of the automobile. But could you name the type of car he drove? Walt Disney was a very avid collector, but could you name his biggest prized possession and what he collected? You may or may not be surprised to know he was an avid collector of trains. After the Wright brothers rose to fame, could you tell me the name of their tailor or even the brand of suspenders they wore?

The point is, you know these people are very famous and important people. Nobody knows anything about the cars they drove, clothes they wore and what they collected. But, you do remember the impact they left on others. Whether it’s Claire Martin, who was the founder of the Red Cross, or Mother Teresa for her missionary work.

People remember the impact you and others have made.  We all want to have a nice house and we all want to drive a nice car. What is more important, is the legacy we leave behind and the value we added to other’s lives.

Trailblazer Tuesday – Finding Your “Why” (Purpose) 12-12-17

Trailblazer Tuesday – Finding Your “Why” (Purpose) 12-12-17

How To: Finding Your “Why” (Purpose)

I know we talked about a couple “guides” to finding your why or purpose, so here are the links.

Simon Sinek’s website (highly recommended!)  Click Here.

Summary of Simon’s website just to give you an idea how it works – but I recommend Simon’s website.  Click Here

Alternate method – Finding Your Why Through Those You Admire – no partner needed.  Click Here