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3 Life Insurance Myths Debunked

3 Life Insurance Myths Debunked

3 Life Insurance Myths – Debunked!


Today our Life Insurance Specialists, Nate and Amanda, are debunking 3 Life Insurance Myths.
Myth 1: If I am the breadwinner of the family, does my spouse need life insurance?

Myth 2: Can I renew a term life insurance policy if I still find a need for it?

Myth 3: Do I only need term life insurance?

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Holiday Traveling Safety Tips

Holiday Traveling Safety Tips

According to the Dayton Daily News, about 4 million Ohioans and 103 million Americans will be traveling over 50 miles this Christmas weekend and many of them will be driving. Traffic is set to increase around 37% this Christmas, which is the highest rise since 2001 when AAA started tracking holiday travel. This staggering statistic shouldn’t be too surprising as young people are moving farther away from home. Since we would all like to be spending time with our families over this Christmas holiday, here are a few things we can all do to keep each other safe out there.

One of the major distractions on the rise has been texting while driving. Checking or reading a text message takes your eyes off the road for an average of five seconds. How far can you travel at 65 mph in five seconds? Almost one tenth of a mile! A lot can happen in that short time frame. We are sure you’ve heard it many times, but the text, call or post can wait until you arrive safely at your destination. Nothing is more important behind the wheel than your safety and the safety of your fellow motorists sharing the road with you. Wait to reply to that text or call until you are off the road and safely stopped. Some other examples of distracted driving to avoid would be eating or drinking while driving and trying to play around with the music selections when your attention should remain on the roadway.

Drinking and driving is another predicament people find themselves in this time of year. I personally come from a long line of Irish Catholics who refuse to celebrate without a little alcohol present. We may all have a good time at the party, but we always designate a sober driver to get us safely home at the end of the night. If you are going to be celebrating your holidays with a little “eggnog” make sure to have a plan to get home at the end of the night.

The weather can be a deterrent for travel this time of year as well. It wasn’t 10 days ago that we had some surrounding counties under weather advisories and not allowed on the road ways. Make sure to check the weather conditions before traveling and be sure to pack extra blankets, water and flashlights in case you find yourself in need of a tow because of icy roadways. Also, if the weather looks like it might be become a little inclimate, make sure to give yourself enough extra time to get to your destination safely! If you are going to try to get up early to leave or stay a little late to try to avoid traffic, make sure you are well rested! Drowsiness is another leading cause of accidents across the United States when we find ourselves in a hurry from time to time.

With all of the extra people on the road during this holiday season (which is looking to be unseasonably warm) remember to try your best to stay calm. Yes, someone may cut over in traffic causing an extra delay, or maybe going a little slower than you may like, but instead of letting your anger get the best of you, remember how much fun you are going to have with your loved ones instead! So remember, keep your cell phone away until you arrive, designate your own sober transport and keep those hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. From all of us here at Preferred Insurance Center, we wish you a safe and Merry Christmas season and a wonderful 2017!

Are you covered under your roommate’s Renters Policy?

Are you covered under your roommate’s Renters Policy?

3 Things you should know about renters insurance! Ohio Insurance.

These days, young people are waiting longer to get married and in an effort to get out of mom and dad’s while still saving money, move into a house or apartment with a roommate or few people. This is a great idea, but don’t be naive and forget about all of your belongings. Here are few things you need to know about Ohio renters insurance!

Ohio renters insurance - Ohio Insurance

  1. If you are still a full-time student away at school, you and your belongings would still be covered on your parent’s homeowners policy. A percentage of their coverage would extend to you in the event of a loss. This includes living in the dorms or student housing, and off campus apartment or housing. Your roommate’s belongings would not be covered in the event of a loss. If you are no longer in school, to cover your belongings would need an Ohio renters policy.

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  2. If your roommate has a renters policy and there is a covered loss, the only way your belongings would be covered is if you are related or married. If you are not related or married, the company covering the loss would deny any coverage to your belongings because you are not related.  This allows renters policy premiums to remain low and deter any conflict arising from a loss.
  3. If you plan on moving out on your own but still need to rent for a while, don’t hesitate adding a renters policy to cover you and your belongings. Moving in with a roommate or multiple people? Encourage them to do the same for all the unknowns as we’d hate to have their belongings uncovered in the event of a loss!Give us a call to learn more about renters insurance! Or Click Here to get an Ohio renters quote!Yours truly,Andrea AbouJaoude | Service Specialist



6 Perks of Picking an Agency for Ohio Insurance

6 Perks of Picking an Agency for Ohio Insurance

To buy Ohio insurance online or from an insurance agency?

Is it easy to find Ohio insurance online? Absolutely. Is it easy to purchase insurance online? Most likely. With these two questions answered, why would you pick an Ohio insurance agency? We understand that insurance can be intimidating, sometimes maybe a little scary, and most of the time you probably don’t think much of your policy at all. That is of course until you need to use it. The 6 perks for picking an agency listed below are only a few of the things we have made standard at Preferred Insurance Center that all benefit you, our client.6-perks-of-insurance-agency-ohio-insurance

  1. Every year we offer what we call an Account Review. We place a phone call when your homeowners or renters policy comes up for renewal and give you the option to answer a few questions, and go over your coverage’s on your policies. Some of the questions include asking about updates or renovations made to your home and going over your auto coverage’s to understand your policy. Filling out this form gets us the most up to date information to properly shop your account for the best rates if you so choose. 

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  2. Flag alerts on large rate increases. These alerts take place when ANY policy takes a larger rate increase than expected. This allows us to get in front of the renewal process giving us more time to possibly find a better company/rate for the next term. Our calls for the account review and rate increases are placed before the renewal comes in the mail to allow us to be the ones to alert you instead of hearing through the mail.
  3. Have a claim? This is usually not a “fun” experience, but we do our best to follow up regularly to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely fashion. We send an email with your adjuster’s name and contact information so it is available at your fingertips if ever needed. We do our absolute best to keep you happy during what can sometimes be an unnerving experience.
  4. Need to change a vehicle on your policy? We do our best to get you off the phone quickly to get you right back to your day. Need to pay a bill? We can assist you with that as well in a timely manner. Adding a driver? We let you know what you need to get to us so the process is finished as quickly as possible.
  5. One-call Insurance Company. Unlike calling a company which can take several minutes out of your day waiting to get a human on the phone, we are a “one-call company.” We are able to assist with auto, home, life and commercial insurance policies all at the same place making it a huge convenience for you.
  6. One call gets you quotes from 8 great companies! We do the shopping for you! We have several companies available to us which makes finding the best rates easier than it would be for you to check each company individually on your own.

If you have been using the internet to find the best rates for you, I encourage you to give Preferred Insurance Center a shot. Who knows?! We may be able to increase your coverage’s and save you money along the way!  Click Here to get a quote!

Yours truly,
Andrea AbouJaoude | Service Specialist


Why I chose to encapsulate my placenta

Why I chose to encapsulate my placenta

While carrying Adler, I knew that breastfeeding was my only option. In my mind, it was going to be this awesome bonding experience, and I was going to be Wonder Woman, exclusively breastfeeding, being an awesome mom, working full time, DOING IT ALL. I had done all the research, thought I had all the answers, and we were ready for our little man. I labored all day, and we were so anxious to meet our baby boy. When he finally arrived, after over 12 hours of an epidural, pitocin, IV drip, and absolutely nothing to eat, labor got the best of me. I remember about an hour after he was born ­ we giggled at just how big he was (9lbs, 13oz to be exact) and just how simply in love we were. After our family members took a quick peek at him, it was time to nurse him for the very first time. I remember the nurse helping me, and it seemed like everything was going the way I envisioned ­ then I started dry heaving. So in my big mama debut, my OB/GYN was finishing up everything “downstairs”, Luke was doting over our little man, the nurse is trying to get Adler to latch, and my mom is holding the puke bucket over him so that in case I barfed, the baby would be safe. And they said motherhood was glorious. I was exhausted and the nurse said that it would be best to give Adler formula for overnight, and that it was most likely all the medicines I had that day making him drowsy. She promised tomorrow would be better.


I woke up ready to take on the challenge, excited to hold him again and nourish him. But it wasn’t going better, I began feeling overwhelmed and defeated, but I assured myself that my feelings were normal, and just like anything else, time would fix the problem. And temporarily, I felt like it was getting better. Adler seemed to be finally latching and getting his rhythm down, but he never seemed satisfied after nursing. And I began the uphill battle of feeling inadequate, and like the worst mom in the world.

Our struggle with breastfeeding went on for 5 long, agonizing months. Numerous calls to the La Leche League. Sobbing, sobbing, sobbing. Taking every supplement that even hinted at being a milk supply booster. More sobbing, sobbing, sobbing. And then finally deciding to throw in the towel, giving in to formula feeding, which brought in a whole new set of emotions. As much as I dreaded the failure I was feeling while breastfeeding, I still didn’t want to stop. It was this awful cycle, and my feelings of failure lasted quite awhile.

Fast forward to December 1, 2012 and a positive pregnancy test. I sat in my bathroom and cried for at least a half hour. Another baby was not in our plans, and I was definitely not ready to ride the emotional roller coaster that I knew breastfeeding was going to be. After my 2 month pity party, I knew their had to be a better way, and was determined to never experience how I felt again. I was desperate to not go through that battle again, and was willing to do ANYTHING to fix the problem. I remember typing every phrase under the sun into the google box, and there it was ­ placenta encapsulation.

I had heard of Holly Madison and January Jones doing this very thing, and Hollywood and the what not going to town on their own thoughts of how ridiculous it was. And believe me, I was skeptical and a little grossed out too, but after seeing success after success of everything I was feeling post pregnancy solved by this little miracle, I was all in. Thankfully for me, I have world’s greatest husband, who said he was also all in, and was so all in that he would encapsulate it himself. Ladies and Gents ­ Luke Craft, Husband of the decade. Thankfully for me, both my OB/GYN and delivering hospital were also on board.

Over the next few months while carrying Oliver, we organized our game plan and how we were going to get this accomplished. We bought a food dehydrator, pill encapsulation kit, and watched a lot of you tube videos. We brought the placenta home in a Styrofoam cooler, and then Luke cleaned off the umbilical cord and sac, cut it into strips, and dehydrated it for over 15 hours. When that was completed, he ground it up in the food processor and filled vegetable pill capsules until it was all gone.Placenta Encapsulation 1

It was less than 4 days after Oliver’s delivery before I started taking the pills. Within 48 hours after the first one, I noticed a huge difference in just about everything. I felt rested, I was healing faster, and I was pumping anywhere from 12-­18 ounces, just in the morning. Originally, I had planned to start stocking a supply for my return to work at about 4 weeks. And like last time, I was really wanting to exclusively nurse Ollie; but similar to Adler, he was a lazy eater, and it ended up working out better to just pump and bottle feed my little champ. Plus, with that amount of a supply, and a wild toddler, I just didn’t have the time to nurse for 20-­30 minutes then pump right after for the same amount of time, to turn around and do it all over again in another 2 hours. 12 days postpartum I returned to crossfit, and I by no means am a I crossfit warrior, I just felt that great. I had the energy to keep up with the housework, chase around Adler, and tend to baby Ollie. And by my return to work 7 weeks later, I was fitting into most of my pregnancy clothes.

Not to mention, my deep freeze could not hold all the milk I was producing and had to stock. And when my deep freeze was full, I took over the 3 drawers in the freezer at my job, and then I took over my Grandmas and a co workers deep freezer. At first we kept our decision to encapsulate my placenta pretty private. When we did share, most people were intrigued, some found it gross, and others seemed pretty neutral and just curious for how it would work. Since Ollie’s birth, I have had a couple people share their own struggles with me, and I have found myself wanting to shout out our success and share our solution because no mama should ever feel how I felt. No mother should ever feel inadequate and defeated.

Some people have told me that there was probably another solution to what my struggles were, and maybe they are right. Maybe there was medication I could have taken for the post partum blues, lack of supply, and just overall stress level. But hands down, I will swear by our choice to encapsulate my placenta, and will not think twice about doing it again in the future. One little google search saved my life, and allowed me to be the mama I wanted to be.

I’ve chosen to be open about my placenta encapsulation so that other women know that this process is amazing and our bodies truly are meant to heal and nourish themselves. I began offering the encapsulation service locally over a year ago and numerous moms have been so thankful to have theirs done right here in their community! Feel free to contact me with more questions, concerns, or if you just want to know more of the science surrounding the placenta.

Kylie Craft | Essential Oil Educator

4 Healthy Habits You Should Teach Your Kids

4 Healthy Habits You Should Teach Your Kids

Parenthood is one of the joys of life, so it only makes since that you want to help your child grow up happy and healthy! Here are the top ten habits to instill in your child at a young age.dinner

Make Dinner a Family Affair

It is extremely important for a child to get time with their family every day! One of the best time to do this is dinner around the table, (not the television!) This way everyone has time to catch up with each other and talk about their days. Family meals are a great way for your child to connect with their parents and siblings daily. Also, when the entire family sits down at a meal it often prompts a healthier meal to be served!

Brush twice a day

Make sure that you teach your kids to brush their teeth twice a day! Set aside time for someone to brush with them every morning when they get up and every night before they go to bed. Start doing this with your child as soon as possible and make sure they understand how important dental hygiene is!

Find Activities They Love

Every child is different and will enjoy different things. Sign them up for many different activities, and this doesn’t necessarily mean just sports. These are skills they can grow and develop all through their little ballerinalife, but you shouldn’t by any means force them to stay in these activities if it becomes apparent that they don’t enjoy them. Great activities to get them involved with include, but aren’t limited to;

  1. Piano lessons
  2. Gymnastics classes
  3. Tee-Ball
  4. Dance Lessons (Yes, even the boys)
  5. Soccer Leagues

Don’t Skip Breakfast!

Help your child jump-start their day by feeding them a healthy breakfast! Breakfast has been scientifically proven to help a person be more positive throughout the day and getting your child on a steady breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule helps keep from unnecessary snacking! Also, eating a non-sugary breakfast gives them all the energy they’ll need throughout the day!

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How to Create a Kid’s Chore Chart System

How to Create a Kid’s Chore Chart System

A good parent has their children do chores around the house, but it can be difficult to get your kids motivated enough to do them. One of the best ways to do this is to make a chore chart for them. There are many different ways to create an effective chart system, here are some of the things you need to consider before you start:

Pick the Appropriate Chores for Your Child’s AgeChore Chart

Obviously your two year old can’t mop floors and your eleven year old can do a lot more than fold hand towels. You have to find chores that they are able to do reasonably well. For example, a two to three-year-old can put away toys and can wipe up small messes, a four to six-year-old can start setting the table and matching socks out of the laundry, a seven to ten-year-old can take out the trash and sweep, and an eleven-and-up kid can wash windows and mow the lawn.

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Find a Chart that will Easily Show what Needs to be Done

You should find a chart that is able to show all the chores that you need done, there are thousands of different ways to organize these charts. You can simply look them up on pinterest and find so many you don’t know what to do with them all. you should try to find one that works the best for you and your children. They should be able to easily understand the chart. A good chart is the difference between this working and not. You also need to put in a place that is easily visible to everyone in the household.

Chore popsicle sticksFind a good Incentive

One way to get the chores done is to give the children some form of reward for completely finishing them. Instead of just giving an allowance at the  end of the week, you can make them earn their money through their chores. A lot of families have chores as something you just do, they count as just being an active family member. Another way parents reward their kids is by letting them have sleepovers or go out to eat after they have done so many chores. These are all effective ways to get your children to do their chores.

For more ideas and charts on this topic, feel free to visit; 


Tips for Traveling with Young Kids

Tips for Traveling with Young Kids

So you want to take your two-year-old on their first vacation? Here are some great ideas for keeping them under some form of control in a new environment.

Keep Them Off of Sweetshealthy snacks

The worst thing is entering a strange new city with a child on a sugar rush. So pack them snacks such as cheese, crackers, and fruit. Resist the temptation to keep them going with sugar, and bring them snacks that will keep them happy, not hyper.

Buy a Child Locator.

Toddlers aren’t dogs, they don’t enjoy walking on a leash or any thing that keeps them from being free to wander so invest in a small unit you can strap onto their belt or shoe s you can find them after that one second you took your eyes off of them. We’re not saying you don’t have to watch your kid, but make sure you have a plan to find them if the do get lost. You should also write you’re mobile number on their arm so if someone else finds them before you they know who to call.

Plan for Extra Time

It generally takes longer to get places with little kids in tow, so plan extra time between place “A” and place “B” for them to explore the new surroundings.

Family Airport Travel

Family Airport Travel

Apps are Your Friends

There are thousands of child-friendly apps around nowadays! Their colorful feel will keep your kid entertained for hours and hours! these are great for long car and plane rides.

Kids Shouldn’t Pack Their own Backpacks

Of course they should have some input, but you don’t want it to end up too heavy for them because they wanted to pack their pet rock “just in case.” Highly monitor what they put in their pack and put in all of the things they forgot and will DEFINITELY will want once they’re there.

Here are some good ideas on how to keep your toddler under control in an unfamiliar place such as going on vacation.

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For more tips, go to; Rough Guides

What Should My Baby be Eating at Their Age?

What Should My Baby be Eating at Their Age?

baby eating

Got anything besides milk Mom? When it’s time to transition to solid foods, you may feel a little uncertain about exactly what you should be giving your baby. Generally, you can use the following guide to help with food progression when your pediatrician gives you the okay to introduce solids.



Age 4-6 months

  • 4-6 bottles of milk per day or breastfed 4-6 times per day
  • A few tablespoons of baby cereal and fruit and vegetable baby food

Age 7 months

  • Feeding 3-5 times per day
  • continue with baby cereal
  • increase fruit and vegetable baby food intake
  • start adding meat baby food, protein baby food, and natural juices
  • some finger food

Age 8 months

  • Relatively the same but include larger portions and incorporate more finger foods

Age 9 months

  • Begin to serve adult food that has been smashed or mashed up (like cooked pasta, cooked carrots, sliced chicken)
  • Small amounts of yogurt, cottage cheese, and egg may be added

Age 10-12 months

  • Should be down to 3-4 bottles per day
  • Begin to add starchy foods like noodles and mashed potatoes

Above 1 year of age

  • Baby should be eating a wide variety of foods
  • Do not include some foods such as hot dogs, nuts, or foods that could cause choking hazards like popcorn, raw veggies, whole grapes, or hard fruits until they are older.

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Features of the Baby Item Registry Checklist:

  • An extensive checklist for all of your baby’s necessities
  • 5 different categories including Bedtime, On-the-go, Getting Baby Dressed, Feeding, and Caring for Baby