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Early Spring Landscaping To-Do List

Early Spring Landscaping To-Do List

Spring is getting an early jump start this year so get a head start on your “Early Spring Landscaping To-Do List” this year! Here are a few things to do to prepare for spring:

1. Dormant Prune any trees or shrubs
that are getting to big in your landscape. Structural prune young trees to encourage proper growth. March is the best time before the new leaves come out. Don’t take off no more than 1/3 of a plant at one time. Evergreens should be left alone.
2. Clean-Up your landscape beds and lawn from any leaves from last fall.
3. Apply Crabgrass preventer with fertilizer on your lawns. This will help jump start your grass and keep away unwanted weeds.
4. Spread weed preventer in your beds & gravel areas such as Preen. This helps reduce spraying for weeds in the future.
5. Prune Knock-Out Roses and Hydrangeas down to 12″-24″. Trim ornamental grasses down to 4″-6″. Trim down dead from perennials.
6. Uncover any plants that were mulched in last fall before winter. Such plants include roses, hydrangeas, and perennials.

Call to let us know if you any help with these projects! 419-953-1238.

We are also happy to announce that we are now proud to be a new member of the Coldwater Area Chamber of Commerce! We are now accepting chamber gift certificates!

What is MedPay Coverage on your Ohio Insurance Policies?

What is MedPay Coverage on your Ohio Insurance Policies?

There is a coverage on both Ohio Home and Auto insurance policies that might go a little unnoticed of course until it’s necessary.

That coverage is known as Medical Payments. The way that the Cincinnati Insurance Board defines the purpose of Medical Payments Coverage (on an auto policy) is: to pay for relatively small amounts (such as $2,500 or $5,000) of medical expenses, regardless of any fault on the part of an insured. It also provides payment for medical expenses on behalf of the policyholder and resident family members that may have suffered injuries stemming from an accident.

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On a Homeowners policy

This coverage is more of a “good faith” coverage. Medical Payments would be paid out for a situation where you may not necessarily done anything wrong or in insurance terms, negligent, but you feel responsible for your visitor’s injury. Unlike the auto medical payments, they are not payable to the homeowner as you can not be held responsible to yourself in regards to homeowners insurance. An example of this, that actually happened, was an insured’s daughter was visiting, got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and in the process tripped over their cat and fell resulting in a trip to the hospital. The homeowner in this case did not do anything to cause the fall, but her insurance stepped in and paid $1,000 which were the limits of her medical payments coverage. Another strange situation was a man helping a friend put up a roof and shot a nail through his own foot. He was on the homeowner’s property but the homeowner did nothing wrong. The homeowner offered the coverage right away even though there were no resulting payments made, it showed his concern, or “good faith,” for the man that was injured.med-pay-coverage-ohio-insurance

As far as an auto policy

The fact that these payments can be made to yourself and anyone in or around your vehicle can come in super handy if you are involved in an accident. If you are not at fault, the other party’s insurance will not make any medical payments until you are ready to settle. This can put you in quite a bind if you find you need extensive treatment. Bills usually start coming in before the claim is closed and the fact that you would have to pay out of your pocket could be cause for a lot of stress. Unless of course you approach your insurance carrier for the med pay coverage.

Our advice

Suggested starting point for medical payments coverage is $5,000 which is usually the cost of an emergency room visit. We have also found though that this could be insufficient as we recently had a claimant go to the ER after an accident, was there for five hours and the bill came to $6,500. He is currently thinking of increasing this coverage. The good news is that when the med pay runs out, your health insurance will then kick in. This is another one of those optional coverage’s that we always suggest keeping as it is inexpensive and could make a world of difference if needed.

We would love to talk to you more about med pay coverage’s! Give us a call today, 419-678-2326. Or Click Here to request a quote online!

Yours truly,
Andrea AbouJaoude | Service Specialist


Are you covered under your roommate’s Renters Policy?

Are you covered under your roommate’s Renters Policy?

3 Things you should know about renters insurance! Ohio Insurance.

These days, young people are waiting longer to get married and in an effort to get out of mom and dad’s while still saving money, move into a house or apartment with a roommate or few people. This is a great idea, but don’t be naive and forget about all of your belongings. Here are few things you need to know about Ohio renters insurance!

Ohio renters insurance - Ohio Insurance

  1. If you are still a full-time student away at school, you and your belongings would still be covered on your parent’s homeowners policy. A percentage of their coverage would extend to you in the event of a loss. This includes living in the dorms or student housing, and off campus apartment or housing. Your roommate’s belongings would not be covered in the event of a loss. If you are no longer in school, to cover your belongings would need an Ohio renters policy.

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  2. If your roommate has a renters policy and there is a covered loss, the only way your belongings would be covered is if you are related or married. If you are not related or married, the company covering the loss would deny any coverage to your belongings because you are not related.  This allows renters policy premiums to remain low and deter any conflict arising from a loss.
  3. If you plan on moving out on your own but still need to rent for a while, don’t hesitate adding a renters policy to cover you and your belongings. Moving in with a roommate or multiple people? Encourage them to do the same for all the unknowns as we’d hate to have their belongings uncovered in the event of a loss!Give us a call to learn more about renters insurance! Or Click Here to get an Ohio renters quote!Yours truly,Andrea AbouJaoude | Service Specialist



6 Perks of Picking an Agency for Ohio Insurance

6 Perks of Picking an Agency for Ohio Insurance

To buy Ohio insurance online or from an insurance agency?

Is it easy to find Ohio insurance online? Absolutely. Is it easy to purchase insurance online? Most likely. With these two questions answered, why would you pick an Ohio insurance agency? We understand that insurance can be intimidating, sometimes maybe a little scary, and most of the time you probably don’t think much of your policy at all. That is of course until you need to use it. The 6 perks for picking an agency listed below are only a few of the things we have made standard at Preferred Insurance Center that all benefit you, our client.6-perks-of-insurance-agency-ohio-insurance

  1. Every year we offer what we call an Account Review. We place a phone call when your homeowners or renters policy comes up for renewal and give you the option to answer a few questions, and go over your coverage’s on your policies. Some of the questions include asking about updates or renovations made to your home and going over your auto coverage’s to understand your policy. Filling out this form gets us the most up to date information to properly shop your account for the best rates if you so choose. 

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  2. Flag alerts on large rate increases. These alerts take place when ANY policy takes a larger rate increase than expected. This allows us to get in front of the renewal process giving us more time to possibly find a better company/rate for the next term. Our calls for the account review and rate increases are placed before the renewal comes in the mail to allow us to be the ones to alert you instead of hearing through the mail.
  3. Have a claim? This is usually not a “fun” experience, but we do our best to follow up regularly to make sure your questions and concerns are addressed in a timely fashion. We send an email with your adjuster’s name and contact information so it is available at your fingertips if ever needed. We do our absolute best to keep you happy during what can sometimes be an unnerving experience.
  4. Need to change a vehicle on your policy? We do our best to get you off the phone quickly to get you right back to your day. Need to pay a bill? We can assist you with that as well in a timely manner. Adding a driver? We let you know what you need to get to us so the process is finished as quickly as possible.
  5. One-call Insurance Company. Unlike calling a company which can take several minutes out of your day waiting to get a human on the phone, we are a “one-call company.” We are able to assist with auto, home, life and commercial insurance policies all at the same place making it a huge convenience for you.
  6. One call gets you quotes from 8 great companies! We do the shopping for you! We have several companies available to us which makes finding the best rates easier than it would be for you to check each company individually on your own.

If you have been using the internet to find the best rates for you, I encourage you to give Preferred Insurance Center a shot. Who knows?! We may be able to increase your coverage’s and save you money along the way!  Click Here to get a quote!

Yours truly,
Andrea AbouJaoude | Service Specialist


Do I need Sewer Backup and Drain Coverage?

Do I need Sewer Backup and Drain Coverage?

Backup of Sewer and Drain Coverage | Ohio Insurance

Picture this. You open the door to your basement and see your kids’ toys floating across the floor and everything else under six inches of water or sewage. There is never a “good time” for these instances to happen. Some of your first questions may be:  How did it get in?  How am I going to get it out?  And, do I have coverage for this?


Backup of Sewer and Drain Coverage is coverage for back up through sewers or drains or overflow or discharge of a sump pump or related equipment, even if the equipment suffers a mechanical breakdown.  This coverage is not automatically included on a homeowner’s policy, but can be endorsed for a small premium.  The premium for this varies on how much coverage you want.  Coverage generally runs in increments of $5,000 and can range from $5,000 to $50,000, or more, depending on the company.  Backed up sewers and drains can do major damage to your home, causing thousands of dollars to your floors, walls, furniture, etc…  If your basement is finished or you store items in your basement you may want to consider this coverage.

Donating $10 to local charity for every policy we quote!

A few tips for protecting you and your belongings are:

  • Store valuables in waterproof bins.

  • Make sure your sump pump is reliable and in good working order.

  • Raise appliances up off the floor.

  • Invest in a generator to keep your sump pump operating through power outages.

  • Call Preferred Insurance Center to purchase water backup coverage.

If you want a quote or have any other additional questions on this coverage let us know.  We are always here to help.
6 ways to keep your home safe from burglars!

6 ways to keep your home safe from burglars!

How to protect yourself from a Theft in your Home.

Have you ever wondered how safe is your home? In an article that I read recently the burglars revealed their secrets. KGW8 news investigative team sent letters to 86 inmates currently serving time for burglary. The inmates were asked to respond anonymously to 17 questions detailing how they broke in, when the crime occurred and what they were looking for. Here is what I found most interesting!

Home Theft - Ohio Home Insurance

  • They usually enter through unlocked doors or window.  But will kick in your door rather than break the glass.
  • The first thing they grab are your electronics, jewelry and cash, by first searching the master bedrooms, then they go through the rest of the home.
  • They prefer to break in early morning or afternoon.
  • All knock on the front door before breaking in a home.
  • Some were deterred by security sign, but not all.  Big loud dogs do deter them, but not smaller dogs.
  • If a security alarm goes off they usually leave, but some would try to turn off the alarm.

    We care enough to cover you right, and we have the
    companies and resources to do it at a fantastic price.

They were mixed on security cameras and lights left on.  But a television or radio playing would be a deterrent.  Also a car in the driveway is a deterrent, unless it obviously is never driven. Importantly, you as the homeowner should have good lighting, trim bushes and trees.  Get to know your neighbors.

Protect your home the best you can and be safe.
If you would like to read the full article CLICK HERE.
Kyle Iboshi, KGW Senior Investigative Reporter. “We asked 86 burglars how they broke into homes.” 
Don’t Forget To Maintain Your Property!

Don’t Forget To Maintain Your Property!

Location, Location, Location…….We have all heard it and understand it.  After you buy your home, we need to maintain our homes to retain value and improve our asset.  If something breaks or no longer is appealing, we need to address it as soon as possible.

Man Cleaning Gutters

Curb appeal is HUGE!  Overgrown landscaping should be thinned out, cut back or replaced.  Doors and trim need repainted or replaced.  Outdoor light fixtures should be working or replaced with new ones.  Also, those gutters that catch the roof water should not be used as gardens – clean them out.  If you don’t belong on a ladder, hire the neighbor kid.  You’ll get your gutters clean and the neighbor kid will make a few bucks.  Severally cracked or chipped driveways and garage floors should be replaced or in some cases, the garage floors can be refinished at a much lower cost.  When it comes to concrete, don’t hire the neighbor kid, hire a professional.  We’ve seen concrete work that looks like a kid did it.

If you’re not sure what to do to enhance the value of your home, call us at Homan Real Estate.  We’ve been helping people get the most for their homes for 57 years!

Homan-LogoTom & Dave Homan
Homan Real Estate

Fall is the time for planting!

Fall is the time for planting!

With cooler temperatures, shorter days, and higher moisture in the soil, now is a good time to install any trees, shrubs, or perennials in your landscape. The cooler days allows for less watering and faster growing roots in the soil. September is also the best time to install grass seed. October 1st is the typical deadline for seeding so you get a good stand before winter. Seeding is rather easy if your a do-it-yourself kind a person. Just work/level the soil, apply seed, apply fertilizer, spread a light layer of straw, and water to keep the soil moist. If done right, you can be mowing your new grass in less than 5 weeks!
Fall Tree Sale
Need help with any of these landscape projects? Just give us a call/text at 419-953-1238. We can supply you with the plants, topsoil, straw, mulch, or gravel you may need. We offer delivery of any of these products also! If you don’t have time to take care of it yourself, let us know and we can give you an estimate for installation services. Visit our website to learn more! www.uhlenhakelandscapeanddesign.comUhlenhake-partner-page-featured-image
Buying a home but don’t have much of a down payment? No worries!

Buying a home but don’t have much of a down payment? No worries!

The FHA mortgage is the perfect mortgage for those buyers that do not have a lot of money for a down payment on the purchase of a new home.  The minimum down payment required for an FHA loan is 3.5% of the purchase price. The closing costs will also need to be paid by the buyer.  However, the FHA loan does allow the seller to contribute up to 6% of the purchase price towards closing costs.  If the seller agrees to assist with the closing costs, this information will need to be listed in the purchase contract.

2000px-US-FederalHousingAdmin-Logo.svgThe interest rate for the FHA loan is fixed for 30 years or 15 years.  There is mortgage insurance on an FHA loan: upfront mortgage insurance and monthly mortgage insurance. The upfront mortgage insurance is 1.75% of the loan amount, and FHA allows this amount to be financed into the loan.  There is also monthly mortgage insurance, which is based on a percentage of the loan amount.  The monthly mortgage insurance is paid with your mortgage payment each month.  However, the monthly mortgage insurance lowers each year as the balance of the loan decreases but it never completely falls off of the loan.

FHA financing requires the home to pass the 3 “S” Test – safe, sound, and secure.  There cannot be any peeling paint, which is typically found on windows and door frames.  No foundation or roof issues and utilities must be on at the time of the appraisal.  If the items are found to be an issue during the appraisal, often times the items are able to be fixed, and the loan is able to close.  Borrowers and sellers just need to be willing to work together to resolve the issues.

Overall, this product requires a minimum of 620 credit score and there is no penalty for paying it off during the term of the loan.
Call Annette or Jayme at Dynamic FCU 419-586-5522 for additional information.


Summer Watering

Summer Watering

July and August tend to be very hot and dry in Ohio so watering plants is an important landscaping task this time of the year. Proper and adequate water is critical for plant survival and new root growth. Water should be applied as needed, not by a calendar or clock. Treegator discount imageThis requires careful monitoring of the root ball (area at the base of the plant) to ensure it’s moist but not overly wet or dry.
A slow, gentle soaking of the root ball is the preferred way to water large trees. Trickle water over the root ball for 30-60 minutes 2x a week. Using gator bags to slowly water trees is also a good practice. Fill the bag with water once a week (twice a week during drought periods) and it will keep the tree root ball well watered.For newly planted shrubs and perennials, water them at least 3x a week for the first 4 weeks. After that, water them at least 2x a week (depending on rainfall) until the ground freezes in November. How much to water each time? – If using a hose, turn on the faucet half way and hold over the center of each plant for 20-30 seconds until water starts running off the ground. Let it soak into the soil for a minute and then water them again for up to 10 more seconds.

The #1 reason new plants die is due to under watering! BUT, over watering can also be a problem. Poor drainage and saturated soil due from over watering displaces oxygen from the roots and results in transplant death. Avoid this by constantly monitoring the soil moisture level of the planted root ball itself. Plants should always be watched for the need of watering up to 3 years after planting. In extreme dry conditions, watering all landscape plants may be required no matter how old they are. Don’t get caught out in the dry so keep an eye on your landscaping!