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Cabaret – The 7 Emotions of a Teenager

Cabaret – The 7 Emotions of a Teenager

OK people, you have to see this show. Every time the drama club puts on a show it gets better and this looks fantastic. Watch the video and judge for yourself! This show is going to be great.

Coldwater High School Drama is presents

Cabaret: The 7 Emotions of a Teenager

October 29th at 7PM and October 30th at 4:30pm All Tickets $7 at the door At the Coldwater High School Auditeria

College Students: Save Money Now!

College Students: Save Money Now!

pay-for-college-680x430College Budgeting is not easy. Regardless of your source of income, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the challenges college costs can present. Thankfully there are resources to save your college bank account from the rapid decline and save you some extra spending money along the way.

Saving on food 
WalMart Savings Catcher is an app that allows you to scan your receipts after you make purchases at WalMart. Walmart then compares their prices with the prices of local competitors to make sure theirs are the lowest. If their prices aren’t the lowest, you get your money back on a WalMart Gift card!

Avoid a campus meal plan at all costs. Crockpot meals can be a college kids best investment. With a few quick ingredients you can have your meals prepped for almost the whole week.

Discounts at select stores for students
Student Rate is a site that complies cash back deals and discounts for students from all different types of stores in areas such as style, beauty, and wireless to name a few.

Smart Budgeting
Apps such as WellSpent and Mint help you track your spending to ensure that every dollar is well spent. Each app is personalized for you and allows you to create budgets for different types of expenses in your life such as groceries, car expenses, housing, while keeping your information safe and secure.

To help you track your spending, and fine tune your financial life even further, we have created a free financial organizer download. Check it out below!

Features of the Financial Planner:

  • Keep track of what you owe, own, and your budget
  • Template to help you efficiently budget
  • Caculations done for you. All you have to do is plug in your numbers
  • Contact information page to organize financial contacts
Keeping Your Baby Safe While Sleeping

Keeping Your Baby Safe While Sleeping

lil babSudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death of a seemingly healthy baby usually during sleep. By following and sticking to a few simple rules, parents everywhere can ensure their babies are sleeping safe and sound.

1.) Always place a baby on his/her back
Always make sure to place your baby “Back to sleep”. When a baby sleeps on it’s tummy there is a possibility the baby can suffocate if he/she can not turn their head to the side. Tummy sleeping also increases the possibility of the baby “re-breathing” its exhaled air instead of fresh air and not maintaining enough oxygen, thus increasing the risk of SIDS.

2.) Avoid all soft items in the crib
The only thing you should have in the crib is a fitted sheet. Pillows, stuffed animals, sleep wedges, etc. pose as the same suffocation hazards as pillows. 

3.) Use a firm mattress 
Soft baby crib mattresses can cause your baby’s face to sink into the mattress if he/she turns over mid sleep.

4.) There shouldn’t be more than a soda can’s width between crib bars
This rids the risk of the baby falling out of his/her bed.

5.) Do not sleep with baby in your bed
Suffocation is again the number one issue but when sleeping with your baby, you could also roll over onto him/her during sleep. For a newborn, you can attach a co-sleeper to the side of your bed. It connects the bassinet to the side of the bed for safety with no gap in-between beds. 

6.) Do not over-clothe
Over clothing your baby could cause him/her to get overheated.

Following these rules can reduce the number of infant deaths that occur from SIDS each year and also ensure your baby is sleeping safe and sound!

Know of anyone having a baby.. or maybe having one yourself?! Click below to download our Baby Item Registry Checklist which has everything you need for the baby on the way! 

Features of the Baby Item Registry Checklist:

  • An extensive checklist for all of your baby’s necessities
  • 5 different categories including Bedtime, On-the-go, Getting Baby Dressed, Feeding, and Caring for Baby
Save Money on Your Next Family Vacation!

Save Money on Your Next Family Vacation!


When it comes time for a family vacation, planning an affordable, event filled adventure that satisfies the whole family can be a lot of work! Whether you are looking to travel across the world or keep it close to home, there are many different variables that can easily rack up the overall costs. With that in mind, we have gathered a few different tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your dollar on your next family vacation!

1.) Look into all Inclusive Resorts where kids stay FREE
There are lots of all inclusive resorts in the US, Mexico, and Caribbean that regularly offer deals where kids stay free with their parents.

The Gran Caribe Real Resort & Spa in Cancun is a village style resort where two kids 12 or younger can stay and eat for free all year.

At the Rocking Horse Ranch which is located 90 minutes from New York, kids have options such as horse back riding and indoor swimming. Kids stay free on select dates during spring and summer.

2.) Air BnB
Air BnB is a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging.. With over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities finding kid-friendly and affordable spaces on Airbnb is no hassle. Compared to the average hotel room, you can rent an incredibly nice loft, house, villa for an affordable price all while staying in the comfort of a home.

3.) Timing of Flights
Flexible travel date search allows you to compare flights days apart and view the lowest price options. A good option is to use google flights which compares major airlines and gives you the lowest priced flight possible for each day of the month.

4.) Let your kids earn their own frequent flyer miles
Take advantage of frequent flyer miles and consider signing your kids up for their own. It may take a few years for your child to build up their miles but as they accumulate they can turn into a free flight later in the future.

5.) Dig for deals
With sites like Groupon and Living Social you can find discounts and deals on whatever city you are visiting!

6.) Buy own beer, liquor
If you aren’t staying at an all inclusive resort, bringing your own alcohol and keeping it in your room or cooler can save you from spending some major dollars at the tiki bar.

8.) Look for kids eat free family promotion
Lots of restaurants have kids eat free or family days.

9.) Car Rentals
Using a service such as Uber or Lyft can save you a lot of money especially if you are only traveling short distances majority of your trip. Free rides are often granted to first time users when downloading the apps. You can also get points and dollars knocked off through referrals. These services in the end can be much cheaper than renting a car.

Know of anyone having a baby.. or maybe having one yourself?! Click below to download our Baby Item Registry Checklist which has everything you need for the baby on the way! 

Features of the Baby Item Registry Checklist:

  • An extensive checklist for all of your baby’s necessities
  • 5 different categories including Bedtime, On-the-go, Getting Baby Dressed, Feeding, and Caring for Baby

St Henry Garage Sale 2016!

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MPL Activities and Prizes (all)

MPL Activities and Prizes (all)


We are still working on the page to be perfectly awesome, so hold on tight and be sure to visit again soon!

Activities, events, prizes & entertainment! Who can’t use a little more fun?  Maybe it’s just a video or picture another member shared, or maybe it’s a wine and cake tasting.