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Quotes for Causes May 2017 Serving Friends & Family

Quotes for Causes May 2017 Serving Friends & Family

For every no-obligation quote the agency gave in October, $10 was donated to the nonprofit ministry. Serving Friends and Families Ministries (SFF) is a nonprofit Christian organization set out to help people in the Grand Lake region. The donations provided will help run the organization’s furniture ministry, education ministry, jail ministry and the Adopt A Block pro- grams. Preferred Insurance Center has four charities that participate in the Quotes for Causes campaign on a monthly, rotating basis.

Here is what Serving Friends and Family have been up to lately:

  • Working hard with up and coming camp (June) for the Salvation Army.
  • Had 23 pick ups and deliveries in April, for our furniture ministry.
  • Having Work Days at our Restoration House with progress taking place
  • We took care of 6 families that needed assistance with utilities (Salvation Army budget).
  • We are beginning to cut and trim lawns and need additional customers to fulfill this ministry.
  • We have daily devotions and welcome anyone that wants to join us beginning at 9am.

Click Here to request a quote, remember Preferred Insurance will donate $10 for every policy we quote to Serving Friends and Family for the month of May!

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You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown!

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown!

The amazing Coldwater High School Drama club is doing another, just barely off Broadway production, and it’s an all-time favorite:

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

You can get a preview here, but to catch the whole show you need to go to the Coldwater High School Auditeria for one (or all ūüôā ) of the following shows!

Friday, April 28th – 7PM
Saturday, April 29th – 7PM
Sunday, April 30th – 2PM

2017 St. Henry Garage Sales & Flamingo Flocking Wrap Up

2017 St. Henry Garage Sales & Flamingo Flocking Wrap Up

Our first Flamingo Flocking of the community garage sales is in the books! St. Henry Community Garage Sales was first up for our ambitious flamingos. This particular fundraiser was to benefit the St. Henry Track and Field Team.

Members of the track team successfully placed 56 flocks of flamingos at individual garage sales. Preferred Insurance Center and Auto-Owners Insurance donated $20 for every flock of flamingos that was placed during the sales. Last week, a few members of Preferred Insurance Center had the pleasure of delivering a check of $1,120 to the St. Henry Track and Field Team.

St. Henry Flamingo Flocking 2017 | Ohio Insurance

A Special Thank You:

  • We would like to send a thank you out to the St. Henry Track and Field Team for participating with the Flamingo Flocking fundraiser again this year. It’s always a pleasure to work with you!
  • A special shout out to Kristy Schulze! Kristy works very hard behind the scenes during the St. Henry Garage Sales. She has been our contact for the St. Henry garage sales for the past several years. Thanks for all your effort and time to making this fundraiser to be as successful as it is!
  • Auto-Owners Insurance, thank you for teaming up with us on this project and your donations!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our flamingos this summer! Their next destination is the Coldwater Community Garage Sales, which is May 5th weekend.

What the Bird!?

What the Bird!?

Have you been through St. Henry lately? You may have had troubles fitting through the center of the roads due to vehicles parked along both sides of the streets. Or notice people are everywhere carrying bags of random items? Yes, it is garage sale season!

You may have also noticed some flashy flamingos in the yards of those hosting a garage sale. But, why?

Preferred Insurance Center and Auto-Owners Insurance are teaming together and putting on another round of Flamingo Flocking during the St. Henry Garage Sales. This is a fundraiser benefiting the St. Henry Track Team. For every flock of flamingos hosted by someone having a garage sale, Preferred Insurance Center and Auto-Owners Insurance are donating $20 to the St. Henry Track Team. With their natural pink pigment, the birds are also out to help the shoppers locate each sale.

It’s not too late to hit some good sales! If you are looking to do some shopping this weekend be sure to download the interactive Google Map and Listing for the St. Henry Garage Sales.

If you are from the area, this will not be the last time you see these flamingos! They are gearing up to also be at the Coldwater and Fort Recovery local garage sale. They will be out to help the Coldwater Academic Promoters and the Fort Recovery Traveling Tribe.

Reserve your flock at the 2017 St. Henry Garage Sales!

Reserve your flock at the 2017 St. Henry Garage Sales!

Preferred Insurance Center and Auto-Owners Insurance are pairing up to conduct an other Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser at the 2017 St. Henry Community Garage Sales. This fundraiser will be benefiting the St. Henry Track team.

How it works!

  • Everyone who is having a garage sale at the St. Henry Garage Sales has the opportunity to host a flock of flamingos.
  • For every flock of flamingos hosted, Preferred Insurance and Auto-Owners Insurance will donate a total of $20 to the St. Henry Track Team.
  • The St. Henry Team will be delivering the flocks spoken for the Monday or Tuesday before the garage sales start
  • If there are any flocks that are unspoken for¬†the St. Henry Track will be going door to door¬†the Monday/Tuesday before garage sales start, asking if you would like to host a flock.

Benefits Everyone!

  • By hosting a flock, you will be helping shoppers find your sale.
  • You will be helping the St. Henry Track Team maintain and buy new equipment

Reserve your Flock Today!

  • There are limited flocks available!
  • To reserve your flock, please email¬†Kristy Schulze.
John Maxwell Laws of Growth Classes

John Maxwell Laws of Growth Classes

Mastermind Group Study on

‚ÄúThe 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth‚ÄĚ

Facilitated by: David Finchum
Cost: Early Sign up (By 3/15/17) $179+Book
Sign up After 3/15/17 $199
David is an independent certified coach, teacher and speaker with The John Maxwell Team

You are invited to a Mastermind Group study on ‚ÄúThe 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth‚ÄĚ by John Maxwell. This is a 7-week in-depth study that will help you understand how personal growth really works. Learn¬†how you can develop yourself to become a more effective and fulfilled individual.


Sign Up Today! (Limited seating available)

Location: Preferred Insurance Center
Duration: 7 weeks
Dates: April 4, 11, 25, May 2, 9, 16 & 23
Time: 8:00 – 9:00AM OR 9:30 – 10:30AM

Leadership: Adding Value To People
More Video: The Five Levels of Leaderships
Fill out my online form.
Learn More About John Maxwell >


  • John Maxwell has been voted the #1 leadership and management expert in the world by Inc. Magazine
  • John Maxwell was voted the top leadership professional guru six years in a row on Leadership Gurus.net.
  • John Maxwell is a #1 New York Times best selling author of over 77 books, with more than 24 million volumes sold in fifty languages. Three of his books, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Developing the Leader Within You, and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader have each sold over one million copies.
  • ¬†John Maxwell Team (JMT), an elite group of over 11,000 certified coaches, teachers, speakers, trainers and professionals have helped people worldwide create a leadership legacy within their own spheres of influence.
  • John Maxwell Team members inspire positive life transformation and help others achieve their highest vision and goals, both personally and professionally.
Survivor of Suicide Support Group Forming

Survivor of Suicide Support Group Forming

My name is Carol Griesdorn and I am the younger sister of Randy Griesdorn, who died by suicide almost 5 years ago.  It has been an emotional journey that was unexpected but could happen to anyone, anytime.  Everyone hears about suicide, but no one wants to talk about it, no one wants to admit that someone has mental health concerns and no one should have to watch a loved one die by suicide and deal with the aftermath.  Unfortunately, I am a survivor of suicide and I am going to talk about it and I want the community to be able to talk openly about it too.

I am a licensed social worker in the State of Ohio, I have my Master of Social Work degree and have been with Montgomery County Children Services for the past 27 years.

I see a need in the Mercer County community for Suicide Prevention/information and would like to help make a difference.¬† I am starting a support group “Keeping Our Light” Survivors of Suicide so that we can discuss the deaths of our loved ones and help each other heal. It is not a counseling program but a safe place to say things and discuss feelings that others may not understand.

If you have questions or need anything please let me know.  The first meeting is scheduled for March 23, 2017; 7-9 pm.  I would like participants to contact me ahead of time so that I can make sure this is the right type of program for them.

Carol Griesdorn, MSW, LSW
Keeping the Light
Survivor of Suicide Support Group

My Wife Is A Star!

My Wife Is A Star!

I just wanted to share with everyone what a wonderful experience this entire event has been for me, my wife Susie, and Preferred Insurance Center. ¬†The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer Auglaize and Van Wert Counties puts on this event and they do a great job. It is called Dancing With The Big Stars and if you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a blast.

Donating $10 to local charity for every policy we quote!

I also need to thank all the people who donated to BBBS on our behalf. We raised over $6,900 which is amazing and none of it could have been done without the fantastic people and businesses in our area. A special thank you needs to go out to a few people.First, I want to thank my nephew Craig Muhlenkamp who is the professional dancer and his wife Michelle. He is the one who convinced my wife Susie to dance with him and he is the one who did the choreography and taught Susie to dance. He did a fantastic job and he and Michelle are the most wonderful people. We love them dearly.

  • Al Hall, a friend of my partner Roger Rindler, graciously gave up his OSU vs Michigan football tickets so we could raffle them off!
  • My team at Preferred Insurance who asked for donations, organized events, publicized things and donated personally. I am so blessed to be surrounded by them.
  • Safeco Insurance, Donegal Insurance and Keystone Insurers Group, who were all great corporate sponsors. Click on their logos below to learn more about these great companies.

Last, but of course not least, I am incredibly proud of my wife. She took a chance, went way out of her comfort zone, worked her butt off, and did a great job. She enjoyed it immensely but that is because she put so much into it. Becky Kunk, a judge at the event, and Susie’s sister, put it so well when she said, “For so long you have worked in the background for you family and children. I am so happy to see you shine in a spotlight of you own tonight. ¬†So true!


Keystone-250-Donor donegal-insurance

Winner of the OSU v Michigan tickets : Dean & Lynne Huelsman

Winner of the OSU v Michigan tickets : Dean & Lynne Huelsman


As you most likely know by now, Preferred Insurance Center is sponsoring Craig Muhlenkamp & Susie Muhlenkamp in the Dancing With the Big Stars competition. This is a major fundraiser benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer/Auglaize County.

The 3nd Annual Dancing with the BIG Stars will be held this year with an exciting competition between dancers. On November 12, a group of well-known community members will test new skills with experienced dance partners as they dance for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer, Auglaize, & Van Wert Counties at this year’s Dancing with the BIG Stars. This fundraiser is modeled after the long-running television series, Dancing with the Stars.

CLICK HERE if you would still like to donate to Big Brothers & Big Sisters!

Nine citizens from the Mercer, Auglaize, & Van Wert County area have been paired with local dancers from various studios throughout the area.

In efforts to help make this fundraiser a success for Big Brothers Big Sisters, we were giving away 2 OSU v. Michigan tickets for donating. For every $10 donated a person would receive 1 entry.

Yesterday we gave the phone call to Dean & Lynne Huelsman of Coldwater, Ohio, letting them know they were the lucky winners of the 2 OSU v. Michigan tickets! They were surprised and excited! Dean made the comment that going to a OSU v Michigan football game was always on his bucket list!



We want to give a HUGE thank you to all who have donated! Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Preferred Insurance has several team members that serve as Lunch Buddies for Big Brothers and Big Sisters and know how big of a difference the program is making in our community!

Cabaret – The 7 Emotions of a Teenager

Cabaret – The 7 Emotions of a Teenager

OK people, you have to see this show. Every time the drama club puts on a show it gets better and this looks fantastic. Watch the video and judge for yourself! This show is going to be great.

Coldwater High School Drama is presents

Cabaret: The 7 Emotions of a Teenager

October 29th at 7PM and October 30th at 4:30pm All Tickets $7 at the door At the Coldwater High School Auditeria