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You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown!

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown!

The amazing Coldwater High School Drama club is doing another, just barely off Broadway production, and it’s an all-time favorite:

You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown

You can get a preview here, but to catch the whole show you need to go to the Coldwater High School Auditeria for one (or all 🙂 ) of the following shows!

Friday, April 28th – 7PM
Saturday, April 29th – 7PM
Sunday, April 30th – 2PM

St Henry Garage Sale 2016!

For best viewing, rotate your phone.

You’ll never believe who just won $1,000!!!

You’ll never believe who just won $1,000!!!


The much anticipated news is HERE! As you may know, we have been asking people for referrals in exchange for an entry to win $1,000! But the deal was much sweeter than it appeared. When you referred a friend, both you and your friend were entered to win $1,000 EACH!

Unbelievable, huh? Here is the story behind the 2015 Referral Drawing Winners:


One of our Superb Service Specialist, Kathy Riethman, had the pleasure of speaking with Larry Langston one day. Kathy wanted Larry to have a chance to win $1,000 and the opportunity to save any of Larry’s friends/family money by letting Preferred Insurance quoting their insurance. So she asked if Larry had any friends or family to refer…


You see, Larry is a very thoughtful father. Larry referred his son Steve Langston. Larry was only looking out for Steve’s best interests by referring his son to Preferred Insurance AND for an entry to win $1,000. BUT, before we could make an entry for both Larry and Steve…


We politely gave Steve a call and by him picking up the phone they were both entered into the $1,000 Referral Drawing. Please note: this was a NO OBLIGATION phone call, Steve just simply had to pick up the phone to be entered.


That phone call that Steve took ended up being a $1,000 call! The entry of Larry Langston referring Steve Langston was our 2015 Referral Drawing Winner!


The fun is not over!

With popular demand, we decided to start up the 2016 Referral Drawing. Click below to start referring your friends and family and a chance to win $1,000 each!

Remember: for every referral you gain an entry to win the $1,000. You refer 5 friends = you get 5 entries!

Refer A Friend!

Refer A Friend – You Both Could Win $1000!

Refer A Friend – You Both Could Win $1000!

Header-Image-Refer-a-Friend-$1000How would you like to win a $1,000 for you and $1,000 for someone else?

Here’s how this works.  You refer a friend to Preferred Insurance.  We’ll give them a call and politely ask to review their insurance.  If they just talk to us when we call, BOTH you and the person you refer will be entered to win our Grand Prize of $1,000 EACH!   Your friend is under no obligation whatsoever.   You’ll probably be helping them save hundreds of dollars on their insurance.

It’s easy, just click the link below and fill out the simple form.  You can refer as many people as you like, and you get an entry for every friend you refer who talks to us when we call.

Refer A Friend Now!