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Our Purpose


We passionately embrace life by taking chances, celebrating successes, learning from failures and giving generously
…to inspire and improve ourselves and our world.

Current Openings:

Account Manager - Opportunity Generator

Mission of the Account Manager – Opportunity Generator:

Account managers fulfill Preferred’s Mission, Values and Goals by amazing our clients with our positive attitude, and creating a fantastic work environment for themselves and their teammates, then using that amazement to help Preferred Insurance Center grow, both in team size and number of clients served. They find and create sales opportunities by providing extraordinary service, educating the customer, identifying growth opportunities and generating referrals.

Desired Outcomes of this Role

  1. Have a positive mental attitude leading to positive working relationships with clients and teammates.
    1. Show energy, enthusiasm and joyfulness so people want to interact with you.
    2. Selflessly try to make others’ lives better through your attitude, words and actions.
  2. Generating additional sales opportunities and revenue through service activities.
    1. Generating referrals, additional line sales opportunities etc.
    2. Suggesting and selling umbrella, flood, life and other non-essential policies
    3. Stop, Listen, and Ask questions of your customers in order to clearly understand their needs and to build solid relationships.
  3. Average retention on the book of business over 93%, this is based on the number of policies up for renewal in a given month vs. the number of cancelled policies that were processed that month. The average of any 90 day period should be greater than 93%.
    1. Working the Renewal process, accurately completing 100% of the assigned tasks and contacts
    2. Proactively reaching out to clients
    3. Conducting ongoing account reviews and working to eliminate coverage gaps.
    4. Working with clients on their policies
    5. Generating referrals, additional line sales opportunities etc.
    6. Educating the clients about the benefits of having Preferred Insurance as their agency
    7. Proactively calling non-pay cancelled business to try to win them back immediately
  4. Provide outstanding inbound service on claims, billing questions and endorsements
    1. Work to manage clients expectations
    2. Follow up via phone or email with clients
    3. Use every opportunity to confirm and update client information
    4. Generating referrals, additional line sales opportunities etc.
    5. Educate clients on the benefits of using Preferred Insurance

One of the principles of Preferred Insurance is to raise your hand if you need help. If there is a week you are struggling to complete your outcomes please raise your hand so we can help you prioritize.

  • Every 90 days you will meet with your manager to review any bottlenecks, ideas you have to improve as well as the objectives outlined in your job description.
  • Each year you will receive a formal review.

To Apply:

Please send your resumecover letter and references to danm@preferredinscenter.com

To Apply:


Please send your resumecover letter and references to danm@preferredinscenter.com