Business and Farm Insurance

Whether you own a small brick-and-mortar store or run a dairy operation, we can help. We’ve served the Coldwater, Ohio, area for over 100 years and can ensure you have the right coverage for your business at the right price.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance was developed especially for business owners. A commercial insurance policy allows you to bundle different types of insurance coverage into one easy-to-understand policy. This includes:

Liability - If someone is hurt at your business, this type of insurance will pay for medical bills or legal fees.

Property Damage - If your business property or equipment is damaged, this type of insurance coverage will kick in to help pay for repairs or replacement. Without this coverage, you could be left paying these expenses out of pocket.

Auto Insurance - To cover any operation of vehicles as part of your business.

Risk Management Services

We offer risk management solutions for independent service providers (ISPs). Explore our risk management services here.