Business partners getting together thinking about their business statement
Business planning needs to start somewhere, and I think it should start with writing a culture description. I debated between writing a Mission Statement or a Culture Statement. I chose to start with the Culture Statement because it is a statement about “who” your business is, or perhaps “who” you want your business to be.
Broom sweeping off patio pavers
It seems as if we are constantly cleaning things outdoors. Your windows, patio furniture, and siding are all perfectly clean, but the one job you haven’t done yet is right on the tip of your nose, or rather, under your feet.  That’s right! Your patio paving probably needs some cleaning up! You might just want
Damaged motorcycle laying on the side of the road after hitting a car
According to the Ohio Insurance Research Council, one in seven motorists in Ohio is operating without Ohio auto insurance. ONE IN SEVEN! That is 14%! After hearing this staggering statistic, I shouldn’t be surprised that I was a victim of one of these drivers. At the scene, the other driver was able to offer an