Why is your credit score important: A good credit score is vital for obtaining loans, credit cards, and insurance at favorable rates. Let’s explore how you can improve/maintain your Credit Score in 6 easy steps. Check your credit report: The first step in improving your credit score is knowing your credit score. You are entitled
When shopping for insurance, start with the agent.  Does my agent take care of me now?  Do they answer my questions fully? Do I understand my policy and coverages?  Does my agent help me make wise decisions?  And most importantly are they available when I need help?  If any of these are in question, it
It happens. Suddenly you’re in a serious auto accident or your home is devastated when a tornado tears through your town: What do you do? Every claim situation is unique, this is generally how it should be handled. Care for the people. If you or anyone else is injured, take care of them. If it
 What affects my car insurance rates? That’s a really good question, but unfortunately the only accurate answer is: “That depends.” You see, insurance companies make a profit by accurately predicting a group’ s likely hood of having a claim and the likely cost of that claim. If they find a factor that improves predictability,