It’s not as complex as it is often made out to be, but I want to tell you why I think this simple method is best. My brother passed away when he was 56. He was a farmer with 6 children. I had taken care of his insurance for many years, but I never wanted
“What the heck is the deal with all those flamingos?”  We get the question all the time, and its a great question with a fun answer. The story starts in 2012 when Preferred Insurance was celebrating our 100th anniversary. As part of that celebration, we decided to make 2012 the “Year of Giving Back”.  We
Webster’s definition of culture: “The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.” Our Purpose We protect and improve people’s lives, so they can focus on what really matters in life. Our Core Values Execution That Amazes – Selfless, Honorable & Reliable Attitude That Amazes – Optimistic, Empathetic &
Business partners getting together thinking about their business statement
Business planning needs to start somewhere, and I think it should start with writing a culture description. I debated between writing a Mission Statement or a Culture Statement. I chose to start with the Culture Statement because it is a statement about “who” your business is, or perhaps “who” you want your business to be.