Happy Birthday…Sort Of

So 6 months after your real birthday, you have another birthday of sorts, and it really isn’t that happy!

Your age is one of the primary cost factors for most life and health insurance products. The thing is, most of the time they use what is called “age nearest birthday”, which means that when you are 6 months from your next birthday, you will start being rated as if you have already reached that age. Let me give you an example.

Gloria Merica was born 1/11/1990 and is currently 32 years old. If she applies for a life or health insurance policy now, she will get the rates for a 32 year old female. However, if Gloria puts off taking care of this for just 2 months and applies on 07/12/2022, she will be rated as if she was 33.

Now I hate being thought of as older than I really am, especially when I act MUCH younger than I really am, at least according to my wife. In this case, it not only goes against my nature and desire, it will cost me money every month for as long as I keep that policy!

So here is the point: Request a review of your Family Prosperity Protection now! The review is free. The security for you family is priceless. The clock is ticking.