When do you need a will? The short answer is now. You see, we acquire “stuff” gradually, over time, but death can come suddenly, in the blink of an eye, at any moment. While I believe spiritually death is a change, as far as your worldly presence goes, death is final, permanent and irreversible. You
It was late in 2012 – The Year Of Giving Back – and Maggie came into the office. Maggie was in her late 60’s and her and her husband were obviously financially at least somewhat “poor” by our standards. Maggie had a rough life and it showed. Her right eye was injured badly and disfunctional.
Backup of Sewer and Drain Coverage | Ohio Insurance Picture this. You open the door to your basement and see your kids’ toys floating across the floor and everything else under six inches of water or sewage. There is never a “good time” for these instances to happen. Some of your first questions may be:
Yes, inflation has returned, especially in the cost of building materials, which have risen 20.4% which is twice the overall CPI. If it cost more to fix your home if it’s damaged, your insurance is going to go up too. So what can you do minimize the rate change, or even reduce your rates? Here’s