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Rent The Preferred Insurance Center Banquet Room!

Rehearsal Parties

  • Seats 85 very comfortably
  • Stove, oven and refrigerator
  • Handicap accessible
  • Only $85!

Call For Availability And Reservation

Susie Cell: 419-678-4613
Dan Cell:  419-305-6211

Rental Checklist

Suedan Properties LLC Basement Rental Checklist
Dan and Susie Muhlenkamp
809 West Main Street  Coldwater, Ohio  45828
Home: 419-678-4613        Dan Cell:  419-305-6211       Susie Cell:  419-852-9203

  • Use only the banquet room on the west side of the basement, hallway, bathrooms and stairs.  Do not enter other sections of the building.
  • Sign attached rental contract
  • Pay $85 rental fee. Date is not considered reserved till fee is paid in full.  Fee is refundable if cancelled 30 days in advance.
  • Pick-up key at Preferred Insurance Center on last business day before rental date or make other arrangements with Dan and Susie Muhlenkamp.
  • Key should be left in the Preferred Insurance drop box when leaving the building.
  • Use the basement and have fun, but good manners and behavior are expected.
  • Alcohol is allowed but drunkenness and inappropriate behavior are absolutely not allowed.  Alcohol should never be bought or sold on the premises and no one under the legal drinking age is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Please use your own table covers and supplies.  Supplies that are here are for Preferred Insurance Center and Covenant Community Church.
  • Clean up before you leave
    • Clean bathrooms and make sure toilets are flushed.
    • Wipe down the tables, counters and sinks
    • Sweep the floors – broom in northwest corner closet.
    • Put trash in bags and in the containers available in the room.
  • Be sure all stoves and ovens are turned off
  • Turn off the lights as you leave.
  • Lock the basement door and the upstairs door as you leave


 Suedan Properties Basement Rental Agreement

Rental Date ______________

___________________________________ (Tenant) shall indemnify Suedan Properties LLC and  Daniel Muhlenkamp and Susan Muhlenkamp (Owners)against all liabilities, damages and other expenses to include reasonable attorney’s fees and  costs of any suits, which may be imposed upon, incurred by, or asserted against, the Landlord by reason of any of the following occurring during the term of this agreement, which is in any way related to or caused by any act or omission by the Tenant:

  1. Any use for condition of the rented property or any part thereof, or street, alley, sidewalk,curb,passageway, or space, adjacent thereto;
  2. Any negligence on the part of the Tenant, its agent, contractors, licenses, or invitee;
  3. Any personal injury or property damage occurring on or about the rented property or any adjoining street, alley,sidewalk, curb, passageway or space;
  4. Any failure on the part of the Tenant to perform or comply with any covenant required to be performed or complied with by the Tenant hereunder for any breach of the rental agreement;
  5. Any violations of the laws of the city, county, state, or Federal governments.

If any action or proceeding is brought against the Landlord by reason of such occurrences, the Tenant, upon written notice from the Landlord, will at the Tenant’s expense, resist or defend such action or proceeding by counsel approved in writing by the Landlord, such approval not to be withheld unreasonably.

Full payment for rental is expected at time of reservation.  Contact Dan or Susan Muhlenkamp for the key on the day before or day of the dated rented.   The key must be left in the Preferred Insurance Center drop box.


  1. The hall is the large room on the west side of the basement and includes the use of the restrooms in the hallway area.  Entrance is from the south side of the building through the center door entrance and the down to the basement.  Other parts of the building are not rented through this contract and you are expected to not enter those parts of the building.
  2. Do NOT use scotch tape, nails, staples, glue gun, or duct tape on any hall surface (including tables and chairs).  Please use ONLY masking tape or decorating putty for decorations.
  3. Do NOT move or remove fire extinguishers unless needed for emergency.
  4. Mop up any liquid spill immediately for safety reasons.  If liquid of any kind results in the need to refinish the floor, tenant will pay the cost to refinish floor, up to $250.
  5. Do NOT allow anyone to use glitter dust in the building or on the sidewalks near the building.
  • Contact the caretaker or owner immediately for any electrical or plumbing problems
  1. Do NOT drag, scoot, push, slide or pull anything not on wheels across any floor surface.
  2. Do NOT remove any property from the building (tables, chairs, appliances,etc..)
  3. No standing on tables, chairs, bars etc.
  4. If any marks are made on the walls or wainscoating by tenants, the tenants are responsible for removing those marks.  If the tenant is unable, for any reason, to remove the marks the tenant is responsibility to notify the caretaker.
  5. These guidelines also apply to anyone doing the decorating and /or setup.  The person signing the contract must make anyone helping be aware of these guidelines.

The Organization/individual is responsible for:

  1. Vacuuming/sweeping the entire area used.
  2. Wiping down all tables and chairs and kitchen area.
  3. Put all trash in bags, close them up ,and let it all by the big trash can.
  4. Clean bathrooms.

Failure to remove trash and sweeping floors may result additional charges.

The Individual (non-Organization) signing this contract shall be fully and personally responsible for all portions of this contract. The person signing this contract as agent for the Organization has the authority to act for the Organization in an official capacity, and to bind the Organization for the Date, Time and Purpose of this contract.

____________________________________________________ __________________

Tenant Signature Date


Tenant’s address

____________________________________________________ __________________

Owner’s Signature Date

Suedan Properties LLC
Dan and Susie Muhlenkamp
809 West Main Street  Coldwater, Ohio  45828
Home: 419-678-4613        Dan Cell:  419-305-6211       Susie Cell:  419-852-9203