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Your Personal Growth

Your Personal Growth


A Life Well Lived

This is the place we are depositing the golden nuggets of knowledge and inspiration we all come across from time to time. We are hoping for everything from simple stories to strategies for making important decisions. Right now, it is a big “pile” of articles etc., but we hope we can find a good way to organize this and search through it in the future. If you have something to share, CLICK HERE.  We would love to hear from you.

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Life Should Be An Adventure

Introduction: My personal life has gone from very depressed to a tremendous adventure. These are some of my stories and tips. I'm not a therapist or anything, just a common guy hoping that my experience may help someone else. Links to published follow-ups. New videos...

Trailblazer Tuesday: Avoiding Broken Resolutions

Trailblazer Tuesday: Avoiding Broken Resolutions | Holding Yourself Accountable Did you know about 2-3 weeks into the New Year 48% of people give up on their New Year's resolution. 80% of people give up on their resolution by the second week of February....

Trailblazer Tuesday – Time Management Series(Part 1)

Today, we kicked of a little series going over time management.
We all have had days where we have a list of things that we need to do that day. Then you receive a phone notification, getting your attention to check your Facebook news feed. Or, perhaps your phone rings, and through that conversation another task or distraction gets added to your day. The end of day comes a long and you feel like you did not get anything accomplished.

My Finances

My Finances



Keeping Your Finances Under Control

Below, you will discover discounts & coupons, local vendors, advice and much more! Go ahead and dive in, we promise you will not be disappointed!  Happy planning!



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Impact Of A Disability Tool

If you haven't thought about being disabled, perhaps you should. This is just a few simple questions to guide you along the way. When you want a little more information, call to set an appointment with one of our planners, or attend a workshop, or both!   “Life...

Life Goals and Needs Planning Tool

This should give you a great idea where you are and where you need to be. Check it out, but it's only the start. Let us help you get the safely. Make an appointment with one of our planners, or attend a workshop, or both! “Life Financial Road Trip Planning - Either...

6 Perks of Picking an Agency for Ohio Insurance

To buy Ohio insurance online or from an insurance agency? Is it easy to find Ohio insurance online? Absolutely. Is it easy to purchase insurance online? Most likely. With these two questions answered, why would you pick an Ohio insurance agency? We understand that...

Getting Preapproved Prior to Car Shopping?

Get Preapproved = Save Money!
Dynamic Federal Credit Union offers a .25% rate reduction on our interest rates for preapproval. We want our borrowers to be informed before they head to a car dealership. We look up NADA values to educate borrowers on the vehicle’s value to ensure the vehicle is priced properly. In addition, we work up monthly payments so the borrower knows what to expect for a payment on their new vehicle.

5 Great Ideas to get Your Budget in Gear.

Budgets are the best way to keep your money in check (pun intended!) Everyone needs a good budget to make sure they don't accidentally recklessly spend their money. Sadly, most people hate keeping up with their budget. Here are five tips to make your budget easy. Have...

College Students: Save Money Now!

College Budgeting is not easy. Regardless of your source of income, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the challenges college costs can present. Thankfully there are resources to save your college bank account from the rapid decline and save you some extra...

Winterize Your Vehicle for a ‘Cool’ Drive! Ohio Auto Insurance

Winterize Your Vehicle for a ‘Cool’ Drive! Ohio Auto Insurance

winter-car, Ohio Auto Insurance

Winter is almost here, and no matter how hard we try there is no avoiding it. One of the worst things about the winter season is the time spent dealing with our automobiles. Cleaning off snow, scraping off all that ice and waiting for an automobile to warm up are grim reminders that winter is not always the most wonderful time of the year. Worse yet, having your automobile break down in less than forgiving conditions is about as rough a situation as it gets, therefore it is imperative that you winterize your vehicle.

With that said, here are some things you can do to winterize your automobile and ensure it is running in tip-top condition this winter:

  • Oil Change: Depending on what comes first, you should either change your oil every year or every 3,000 miles. This is especially important during the winter months because your car is working a lot harder.
  • Battery: There’s nothing worse than having a dead battery. Well, except having a dead battery when it’s 20o below and you’re in the middle of nowhere. The best way to prevent this from happening is to change your battery if it’s four or more years old.
  • Windshield Wipers: If your wipers are old and aren’t working too well, you would definitely want to change them before winter begins. Having crummy wipers while driving in a bad storm will make your drive increasingly difficult and dangerous.
  • Antifreeze: If your antifreeze is low, fill it using a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water. Alternatively, you can buy antifreeze that comes pre-mixed, taking the measuring out of the equation. While checking your antifreeze, I suggest you take a look at your wiper fluid and fill if necessary.
  • Lights: Check all of your automobile’s lights, including the headlights, taillights and the turn signals.
  • Tires: Inspect your tires to ensure they are properly inflated and aren’t too worn out. If you aren’t’ quite sure how to go about this, here is a post we did that explains how to do both! How to Check Your Tires Tread and Air 

All of these tips should help your vehicle run at its best during these frigid months. However, if you aren’t all that savvy when it comes to automobile maintenance, then you can certainly bring your vehicle to a trusted mechanic to have them winterize your vehicle for you. So long as they do not find any big issues with your automobile, then it really should not cost you a whole lot of money.

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Home Market Value VS Replacement Cost [VIDEO!]

Home Market Value VS Replacement Cost [VIDEO!]

Ohio Insurance

Ohio Insurance | home-market-value-vs-replacement-cost

Over the years we have heard many questions concerning the home market value vs replacement cost when it comes to insuring a home. There are times where homeowners insurance costs are higher and other times where the cost is less than what the home is actually valued at, which when taken at face value does seem a little strange. The cost of your insurance policy should be inline with what you home is worth on the market, right? Well, that’s not necessarily true, because when it comes to insuring your home your are actually insuring the cost it would be to replace it.

Here’s a quick little video that our agency principal Dan and one of our agents Amanda put together that explains how it all works. It’s quite easy to understand; however, if you are still a little unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Hey, that’s what we’re here for!


We care enough to cover you right, and we have the
companies and resources to do it at a fantastic price.

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Travel Tips for the Holidays

The car is packed and your entire family is ready to visit grandma and grandpa for the holidays. Everyone is excited, but you have a long ride ahead of you. During any holiday time, more travelers will be on the road, so drivers need to be more vigilant to keep themselves and their passengers safe during their trip to and from their destinations.

Many travel tips involve common sense. For example, everyone knows texting and driving don’t mix; however, many states also have, or soon will have laws against using cellular phones without a hands-free device. Err on the safe side and don’t use your mobile phone while driving or have someone else in the vehicle answer a call.

In addition to paying attention to speed limits and obeying the rules of the road, make sure you don’t follow other vehicles too closely as you don’t know whether you’re following a distracted driver whose mind is not on the road. Pay particular attention to what is around you in work zones as construction personnel may be present. Lanes are often more narrow in these areas making it more difficult to drive.

Make sure your vehicle is in proper working order before you pull out of the driveway to avoid expensive repairs. Clean vehicle headlights and windows before you leave home to increase visibility on the road, both from inside the vehicle and to help other drivers see you at night. As soon as dusk starts to fall, make sure your headlights are on to increase visibility. Also put headlights on during dark, inclement daytime weather.

Frequent stops are important. Not only is stopping important to relieve distractions such as muscle cramps or hunger, drivers can also avoid hazards such as falling asleep at the wheel by pulling off the road at rest stops and taking a power nap if needed. You may not get to your destination as quickly, but you’ll get there in one piece!

A Veterans Day Thanks

A Veterans Day Thanks


November 11th is a day in which we thank all of the men and women who have put their lives on the line defending our country’s freedom, but simply wishing them a ‘Happy Veterans Day’ never really feels like it’s enough. One day set aside for so many people who have defended the United States of America really isn’t enough to express the gratitude that all of us have, nor should it.

What our Veterans have done for us is far too meaningful to be encapsulated into one day, but it is this one day that should serve as a reminder that everything we have is a result of their sacrifice. With that being said, all of us here at Preferred Insurance Center would like to say thank you to everyone who has fought for our country; what you have done means more to us than words or photos can ever describe.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

During the holiday season it seems that every event and every gathering involves food. Even many workplace settings have displays of holiday snacks sitting around for employees. Obviously, not all of the food that tempts you during the holidays falls into the healthy food category. Therefore, before the holidays arrive, it’s good to prepare an eating strategy that will prevent weight gain and enable you to stick with your healthy eating regimen.

Don’t skip meals. Keep your usual healthy eating routine, but reduce the amount slightly if you are planning to attend a luncheon, dinner or evening party. Never arrive at a holiday party hungry, even if you have to grab a quick, healthy snack as you leave home and eat it on the way to the party.

When you attend a pot luck event, take a healthy dish that you love. Then you’ll be sure to have at least one healthy food choice. Be conservative with the amount of food you eat at a buffet. If you have options, choose a small plate for a buffet meal. Select the healthiest options available and don’t go back for seconds.

Parties and holiday events are not the only opportunity you have to veer off the healthy eating track. A trip to the mall offers intense temptations. All of the wonderful aromas and beautiful food displays are hard to resist. It’s the holidays, go ahead and indulge in a small treat at a coffee shop or bakery while you’re shopping. Just be sure to keep it small and don’t buy sweet treats to take home.

During the holidays, a trip to the grocery store also exposes you to more than the average amount of unhealthy food options. On the other hand, if you shop in the right areas, such as the produce department, you can find some wonderful seasonal produce to indulge in without guilt. There’s lots of beautiful, delicious fruit available around the holidays.

Best Ways to Save Money on Ohio Auto Insurance for Teenagers | Ohio Insurance

Best Ways to Save Money on Ohio Auto Insurance for Teenagers | Ohio Insurance

Save money on your Ohio auto insurance while adding a teen driver!

teen-driver, Ohio Auto Insurance

The time has finally come for your teenager to get behind the wheel. This event can cause an interesting mix of excitement and fear for parents. This is a huge step towards adulthood, however, the fear that your teen could get into an auto accident is certainly something that weighs on the mind, and to a more definite extent, having to pay high rates for your teenager’s Ohio auto insurance is a cause for concern.

What it comes down to is Ohio auto insurance rates for teenage motorists is reflective of their high risk factor. Teens are far more likely to be involved in an auto accident than any other age group, therefore they are the ones who pick up the proverbial tab. With that said, there are a few options that could help you save on your teenager’s Ohio auto insurance, none of which involve locking them in the basement until they’re old enough to move out.

  • A Modest-mobile: The newer an automobile and the higher the profile, the more it’s going to cost to insure it. If you and your teenager are out looking at cars and you want to get an idea of what the cost difference would be between two vehicles, then do not hesitate to contact your insurance agent. After all, that’s what they are there for.
  • Location: If your teenager is in school that is located 100 miles or more away from your residence, they might be eligible for a distant student discount. Obviously the key to  this is the automobile is located at your home and not with them while they are away at school.
  • Student Discounts: If your son or daughter excels in school, then they could very well be eligible for a good student discount. You could save between 10-15% on Ohio auto insurance coverage costs if their grades are in the top 20% of their class, have a 3.0 GPA or have made the Honor Roll/Dean’s List.
  • Short Leash: If you think your teen’s auto insurance rates are high now, wait until they get a speeding ticket or get into a fender bender. Teaching your teenager the importance of safe driving is priority number one. Whether it be drinking and driving, distracted driving or all around safe driving, ensure you spend the time necessary with your son or daughter so they know how important safe driving is.
  • Tenure Reward: This money saving discount is specific to Preferred, as one of the companies we represent, Safeco, offers a fantastic money saving reward to loyal customers. Clients of Preferred Insurance Center who have been insured through Safeco for two years or more will get a discount when adding a teen driver to their policy. This discount basically allows a 16-to-17-year-old driver to be rated as an 18-year-old, which can greatly alleviate some of the Ohio auto insurance costs.

If you would like to learn more about how these Ohio auto insurance discounts work, then please do not hesitate to call us. Even if we aren’t your insurance agency, we would be more than happy to help answer any questions that you might have. It’s the least we can do to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with your teenager getting behind that wheel!

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Simple Ways of Preventing Diabetes Through Diet

Simple Ways of Preventing Diabetes Through Diet


Diabetes is an issue that not only plagues far too many Americans, the number of people who suffer from diabetes is growing in both adults and young adults alike. It’s a frightening thought, especially knowing that, despite being a disease that’s inheritable through family genes, diabetes is preventable through diet and exercise. With that being said, here are some great tips that will not only help prevent diabetes, but will help you down a road towards a healthier lifestyle.

  • Cutout the Junk: One way to lower your risk for type 2 diabetes is to avoid the empty calories that come with taking in an abundance of sugar-filled foods. Diet change is incredible difficult, but avoiding sweets and other sugary junk foods is a major key to fighting the battle against diabetes.
  • Whole Grain: Things such as bread and pasta are chock full of unnecessary flours and refined sugars, so the next time you go grocery shopping, choose the whole grain options. Whole grain is perceived as being less tasty than regular pastas and breads, but I think you’ll be surprised by how good they actually taste.
  • Trans Fat: Trans Fats can lead to obesity as well as greatly increase your risk for heart disease, both of which are major factors in developing type 2 diabetes. So I think it goes without saying that you should avoid Trans Fats at all costs.
  • Smaller Portions: It’s difficult not to load your plate up with all that delicious food. That second helping? Well, that’s pretty tempting, too. Portion control is a major factor in obesity, and obesity is a major factor in developing diabetes, so lowering your portions is a must.
  • Curb Alcohol Intake: Alcohol contains plenty of empty calories and can also cause high blood sugar, so drinking in moderation is greatly advised. In fact, the key to healthy living is moderation.
  • Drink More Water: Constantly drinking beverages that are high in sugar content, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, etc., can greatly increase your blood sugar, so keep it in check by drinking more water. Water gets a bit of a bad rap for being bland, however, if you drink water on a constant basis, you will develop a real taste for it. In fact, I bet you learn to love it, and the health benefits are astronomical!

Making diet changes is tough, but living with a disease such as diabetes is a lot more difficult, so I encourage you to look at your diet and see where you can make changes. It doesn’t have to be overnight. In fact, trying to rush into something can often result in failure, so take things slow and gradually make small changes here and there. Your body and your family will thank you for it!