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Taking a closer look

Some lessons you have to learn the hard way, or at least I do. A few months ago I received a cancellation from someone who had been a client for years. I was really shocked because I thought we had a really great relationship with this person. Of course I called the client and he said we just didn’t work hard enough to make sure he was getting the plan and the value he deserved. Wow – that hurt.

change-iconThings needed to change.  Our agency has grown a lot and changed a lot, almost entirely for the better, but this was not a good thing.

thumbs-up-iconPreferred Insurance Center is NOT here to just be as good as everyone else, our intention is to be the best…the best by far!

Our Game Plan?

We have changed our renewal process drastically. Every year, around the time of your homeowner renewal, someone from our staff will give you a call. We are going to offer you a chance to completely review of your coverage’s.

  • We’ll call to discuss all your policies.
  • We will ask a series of questions to discover if anything has changed in your life that we need to address.
  • We’ll discuss your coverage’s with you and answer any questions you have.
  • We’ll look for new discounts you qualify for or coverage enhancements you may be interested in.

We’re making that difference!

We’re pretty sure no other agency is calling all of their clients every year to offer them this type of review.  It’s a lot of work, but we think it makes a difference for our clients…and “Making A Difference Is Our Business”.