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About Us

And what we work for!

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One day Maggie, an older client of ours, comes into the office.  She sat and talked with me for a while.  She had a Preferred Insurance envelope in her hand, but she never brought up insurance.  After a while I asked Maggie what I could do for her and she said, “Oh, nothing really, I was just stopping by.”
I paused a second and politely said, “Well it’s been great catching up, but I really have a busy day ahead of me.”  We both stood up to exit when Maggie suddenly gave me a hug and started to cry.
“Maggie, what’s wrong?”  I asked.
“I was just having a really bad day and when I drove past your office I thought to myself:  They’ll make me feel better.  They’re always so upbeat.  So I just stopped in, and it worked.  This truly was the best part of my day.”  And with that, Maggie walked out.
That moment I knew all our emphasis on attitude and culture and goals really was working.  “Making A Difference Is Our Business” wasn’t just a slogan, it was why we came to work in the morning.

At Preferred Insurance Center we do a lot of things right.

  • We give $10 to charity every time we give a quote.
  • We do your shopping for you. One call usually gets you quotes from 8 great companies.
  • We save people hundreds of dollars on their insurance.
  • You are our friends and neighbors and we expect you to call us at home after hours when you have a problem.