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At Preferred Insurance Center, We Do Things a Little Differently.

When we say we want to make a difference, we’re not just saying it. Our team is passionate about what we do and truly has the heart to serve our clients. Everything we offer is because we want to make the process of getting insurance smoother, easier, and more comprehensive for individuals and businesses who come to us.

We’ve served Ohio and Indiana for more than 100 years as an independent agency. That means we can choose from one of our 25+ insurance companies to help find you the right coverage and the best rate. Throughout the decades, some things have changed, but our core values haven’t:

  • Act selflessly based on the highest moral standards
  • Have an amazing attitude — empathetic, optimistic, and fun
  • Adapt to innovation through learning, creating, and executing

Meet the Team

Kaley Harting

Account Manager / Insurance Advisor

Hello! My name is Kaley Harting, I am a Personal Lines Account Manager. I reside in Coldwater with my husband Matt and our four children: Rowan is 6, Winsleigh is 4, Gradey is 2, and last but not least we have a 5-month-old, Laikynn. Together we love to go to the beautiful beaches of Destin and the Great Smoky Mountains! I also love reading books…when I can find the time! Spending time with my family is always a top priority in my life; you never get those lost minutes back! Thankful to the big guy upstairs that he has blessed me with the most beautiful life I could have been given. 

I love being a part of this not-so-average flock; we make each other better and stronger and it is definitely a true family-based company. I am so thankful that life landed me here with the pink team! 

Why Statement : 

I hope to live in such a way that those who knew me always felt included, welcomed, and loved. 

Andy Kremer

Commercial Risk Specialist & Chief Growth Officer

Hi, I’m Andy Kremer, commercial risk advisor and partner at Preferred Insurance. It’s going on my 10th year at Preferred, and I'm still amazed by our team every day. I love my job, our team, and my community. I am married to my best friend Theresa, and we have 5 wonderful children (oh, and one shaggy dog - Benji of course). We love to travel and spend time with friends and family, and we are always looking for a new project or adventure. In my “limited” spare time, I enjoy playing music in local venues with some more great friends.

My Why Statment is : To learn and do, so I can guide others to become their best selves.

Dan Muhlenkamp

Chief Vision Officer

"No one on Earth has a better life than me!" That is one of my favorite things to say.  I've not always felt that way, but the journey from not being sure I wanted to be alive to having the best life ever is what I am really passionate about.  I want to help others make that transition and help companies and organizations have spectacular "lives" also. I've been at Preferred since 1989 and an owner since 1993.  I will soon be the oldest person here and pretty darn proud of it!

Enough about me.  In 1986 I married "way out of my league" to the girl I had dated since she was 16. Susie flipped me head over heels a long time ago, and now she is stuck with me forever.  We have 4 children:

Zach is married to Rose, and they live in Rockford, Illinois near Chicago.  Zach is an actuary, and Rose is a LEAN engineer. Rose is originally from Venezuela, and we are so thrilled to have her in the family.

Caleb is a chemist in Cincinnati. He loves all types of sports and is a pretty good "gamer." He has a smile that can light up the room. I’m pretty sure he could “grin down a bear” if he put his mind to it.

Alexis is a student at Wright State University in Dayton and on her way to becoming an actress.

I believe life should be an eternally fulfilling adventure, and I owe my life to the Lord Jesus who died in my place on my cross and makes everything else possible.

Andrea AbouJaoude

Commercial Insurance Advisor

Hi, I’m Andrea AbouJaoude, and I am the dedicated Commercial Accounts Manager here at Preferred. I reside in the booming metropolis of Wendelin with my husband, Dennis Schlarman, and our pride of farm cats. Some of our favorite activities include finding new places to adventure to, barn or deck dance parties or just chilling in the pool on a nice summer night. I enjoy getting to know all of our clients and meeting their needs when it comes to the commercial space as things are always changing!  

Personal Why: To find humor and enjoyment in all the little things so that others will be compelled to do the same. 

Heather Fleck

Account Manager / Insurance Advisor

Hi, my name is Heather Fleck, and I am a Personal Lines Account Manager. I live in the big city of Neptune with my husband Steve; combined, we have 3 awesome kids, Chase, Lauren, and Landon. Favorite pastimes include vacationing, camping, and making memories that last a lifetime. 

I love my job and enjoy the opportunities we have, especially within the community. Preferred has become so much more than a place of employment; we truly are a family and an additional support system to one another. We always have the best interests of one another and our clients.

Gina Hess

Office Manager & Chief Operations Officer

Hello everybody! My name is Gina Hess, and I’m a partner here. I started my insurance career in 2010 and have been with Preferred since 2013. I wear a few different hats, but I’m mostly in charge of operations.  I absolutely love my job, my team, and my experiences with the new and ever-changing curveballs this world brings! 

I am a St. Henry native, but I now live in Coldwater with my husband, kiddos, and fur baby. In 2010 I married my high school sweetheart, Joe. We have two beautiful, spunky daughters, Norah and Isla. We also adopted a Heinz 57 breed pup named Millie. I enjoy reading, hiking, backpacking, scary movies, and attending concerts, but most of all I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I try to follow a certain philosophy in life to make each day better than yesterday and continue to improve myself as a wife, mother, and as a person.

Why Statement:

I cherish life and the little things by spreading joy and compassion, overcoming weaknesses, and living fearlessly without regret to engage and encourage others to see the good in this chaotic world one living being at a time.

Kathy Riethman

Account Manager / Insurance Advisor

I have been working in insurance as a licensed agent for a number of years. I live in Minster, Ohio on a dairy farm with my husband of 40 years. My two sons also work in the dairy industry. My oldest daughter Janelle is married to Lee, and he is a dairy farmer. She works at a bank and also teaches online, and they have 3 beautiful children. My oldest son Jeff and his wife Amber work full time on the dairy farm and have 2 beautiful children. My youngest son, Chad, is married to Laurie, and he works at Machine Concepts and on the dairy farm. They are expecting their first child this year. My youngest daughter, Stacey, is living and working in Columbus as a physician’s assistant. Family is best, and life is appreciated.

Matt Emberga

Commercial Insurance Advisor

Hello there! My name is Matt Emberga, and I am the most recent addition to the Preferred Insurance Center Team! I am a Commercial Line Junior Account manager providing support to my teammates Andrea and Andy as we provide our best service for you. I am from Manila, Philippines and working with the team virtually as their virtual assistant. I graduated from National University - Manila in 2018 and got a professional license for teaching English in 2019. I am a jack of all trades, master of none type of person, but I definitely always provide my best to everything I do. I do like writing English poems about life, love, and thy self and am currently writing a book full of poems titled "Jellybeans Can Grow," as I believe there's always a possibility if you believe and work wholeheartedly for it. 

That's it for me and I am looking forward to creating marvelous things with you!

Giving Back to Our Community

Insurance With a Purpose

This is the story of how we found our soul.

In 2012, as we celebrated our agency’s 100th anniversary, we decided to make it “The Year of Giving Back.” We committed to raising money for charities and getting involved in the community in every way possible. We launched Quotes4Causes by giving $10 to charity for every quote we did — whether people bought insurance or not. We followed that with Flamingo Flocking, another fundraiser requiring people to pay $20 to get a “flock” of plastic lawn flamingos removed from their yard (that explains the pink). Every $20 donation was given to another local charity.

2012 turned into an amazing year. We were awarded the local Chamber of Commerce “Business of The Year" award and were featured as “Virtual Agency of The Month” by a national insurance trade magazine. But those weren’t the important things. We had raised more money for charities than we ever dreamed possible, and we really did change some lives, but that wasn't all that changed in 2012.

Preferred Insurance had found its soul. Work wasn’t just work anymore. Our team, our attitude, and our purpose all changed completely. The year ended, but none of us wanted to go back to who we were.

We believe in improving lives, whether the lives of our teammates, families, clients, or strangers, in ways that matter, because that’s who we are.

Get a Quote

We donate $10 to charity for every quote through our Quotes4Causes program, with over $100,000 raised and counting. Need to contact your carrier? Find contact information for all of our carriers here.