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The 4 Keys And 4 Chemicals

The Personal Keys Purpose - Dopamine (Important goal we work toward) - Oxytocin if the purpose is good and outside of ourselves. Serotonin if it is a purpose we are proud of and other will help us succeed at.Connect - Serotonin & OxytocinProgress - Dopamine,...

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The “Gloom Room” Or The “Bloom Room”

We all have 2 rooms in our hearts & minds that we put stuff in. On e is the Gloom Room.  This is where we put the bad things people have done to us, the bad things we’ve done, and the bad stuff that just happens. Life happens. The second room is the Bloom...

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The Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten Was A Blank Page.

This bit of advice came to me at a time when I slept with a knife under my pillow and was willing to do anything to stop the chaos that was going on our home. God used a blank sheet of paper to change everything for the rest of my life. Download Take Responsibility...

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Life Should Be An Adventure

Introduction: My personal life has gone from very depressed to a tremendous adventure. These are some of my stories and tips. I'm not a therapist or anything, just a common guy hoping that my experience may help someone else. Links to published follow-ups. New videos...

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Book Review: Getting Things Done

BOOK REVIEW Getting Things Done Title:  Getting things Done Author: David Allen 1-5 Star Rating: 5 Stars Review by: Dan Muhlenkamp Why did you read it? I was trying to get more done in less time What did you get out of it? Quite a few specific strategies...

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Book Review: Mindset | The New Psychology of Success

BOOK REVIEW Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Title: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success Author:  Carol Dweck 1-5 Star Rating: 5 Stars Review by: Dan Muhlenkamp Why did you read it? It was recommended to me by someone. What did you get out of it?...

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Is Group Life Insurance Enough?

Is Group Life Insurance Enough? You've done it — you've finally landed a job that offers amazing benefits such as free life insurance. While employer-offered life insurance (also called group life insurance) is worthwhile, it shouldn't be your only source...

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