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      Why My Preferred Life

      Life changes, and sometimes those changes are a little overwhelming. That’s where My Preferred Life comes in. Sure, we’re giving things away all the time, but we really want to “Make a Difference” for you. My Preferred Life offers discounts and coupons to save you money, advice and ideas from local partners, and some activities like wine tastings and dance lessons to make the journey a little more fun. So join, tell us what your interested in, and let us help you navigate life journey (or hang on till the roller coaster stops!).

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      From other local people in your situation.  Maybe it’s something unique they did at their wedding or on their honeymoon.

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      Ever feel like you have a big task on hand but don’t know where to start? You will find a very generous list of vendors for each life situation along with contact information.

      Please select a life event you maybe going through, or will be in the future. Here you will find all the goodies that we mentioned above!


      Crucial Conversations: A Crisis Is A Terrible Time To Talk

      A crisis is a terrible time to talk, and here is why. For thousands and thousands of years almost every crisis a human faced was a physical. Think about it. We were hunting a wooly mammoth or running from a tiger. We were using a spear or running from a spear. We have...

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      Summer Watering

      July and August tend to be very hot and dry in Ohio so watering plants is an important landscaping task this time of the year. Proper and adequate water is critical for plant survival and new root growth. Water should be applied as needed, not by a calendar or clock....

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      “How many calories will I burn in this workout?”

      “How many calories will I burn in this workout?” We’ve all asked the same ‘calorie burn’ question about a workout. Exercise is a crucial part of overall health, wellness, and happiness. Too often, valuable workouts are reduced to nothing more than a number of calories...

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      Preapproval for Home Shopping is Recommended!

      Start off on the right foot! Loan officers and realtors love when borrowers first meet with their lender and discuss the options available to them for purchasing a home.  By speaking with your lender first, borrowers are able to make sure they are financially ready to...

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      Getting Preapproved Prior to Car Shopping?

      Get Preapproved = Save Money!
      Dynamic Federal Credit Union offers a .25% rate reduction on our interest rates for preapproval. We want our borrowers to be informed before they head to a car dealership. We look up NADA values to educate borrowers on the vehicle’s value to ensure the vehicle is priced properly. In addition, we work up monthly payments so the borrower knows what to expect for a payment on their new vehicle.

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      All About Window Treatment

      Along with floor covering, when building a new home or just redoing a room, window coverings are equally important. These will give you privacy, help with heating and cooling your home, and add style to the room. There are many treatments to choose from. Some people...

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