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OVI’s Effect on Ohio Auto Insurance

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OVI’s Effect on Ohio Auto Insurance: Facts & Tips

Anyone who has gotten one before probably thinks that an OVI (Operating Vehicle while Impaired: previously known as a DUI – for any further questions on the change click here) means the end for their status, job title, or Ohio auto insurance policy. The truth is, after conviction, reparation is still an option for all three of these. However, in no way is an OVI ever going to benefit you, your name, or your Ohio auto insurance. Obviously, a charge like this will always result in more harm toward a person’s life than it could ever help.

The main aspect we would like to cover in this article is what an OVI will do to your Ohio auto insurance policy. Here are the effects:

  • · Typically, the first thing that is taken care of is you presenting your Proof of Insurance to the State. Clearly this isn’t affecting much, but once this is complete, 95% of companies are going to cancel your policy immediately, leaving you uninsured and left to obtain a new policy with a different insurance company.
  • An OVI will affect your household members. Not only emotionally, but fiscally. For example, the individual with the OVI charge must be excluded from their family’s coverage, leaving that person uninsured when using a vehicle listed on the family’s Ohio auto insurance policy. The person with the OVI usually has their own vehicle and their own Ohio auto insurance policy.
  • An OVI will affect your rates for 5 years. Therefore, limiting your choice of companies for 5 years. (Going back to the first bullet, your new company must supply something known as ‘specialty’ insurance – ex. Progressive)
  • There is no difference between the effects on your Ohio auto insurance policy when comparing an OVI and reckless op.

These are the facts you should consider before getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. (Note: these are only the things that affect your Ohio auto insurance. Think about the other aspects and priorities in your life, and potentially somebody else’s life, that could be put in jeopardy.)

Next we’re going to discuss what the agents at Preferred Insurance Center can do to bring your Ohio auto insurance policy to its full potential:

1) Like mentioned above (3rd bullet), it’s required that you’re new policy must be done with a specialty company. Preferred Insurance represents 3 of these specialty organizations including Progressive, GMAC, and Defender. In turn, making it a lot easier on you and allowing us to literally do the shopping for you – guaranteeing the best policy imaginable.

2) Another major benefit we provide at Preferred Insurance Center, again, deals with the specialty companies we represent. Some of these companies uniquely allow the OVI driver in your household to remain on the same policy as your family, without severely damaging anybody’s rates.

3) Additionally, 2 specialty companies have the ability to permit a 3 year penalization on your rates, compared to the typical 5 year penalty.

It is important to the agents at Preferred Insurance Center to inform you on how an OVI charge will affect your Ohio auto insurance policy. However, there are things much more precious in your life that you can hurt by drinking and driving. Always consider outcomes. It is not uncommon, especially in the Mercer County area, to fall victim to drunk driving. Be smart and make good choices.

Preferred Insurance Center is here to support your insurance needs 24/7! Call us today for an Ohio auto insurance quote or if you simply need any questions answered, customer or non-customer.

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