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At Preferred Insurance Center we do a lot of things right.

  • We give $10 to charity every time we give a quote.
  • We do your shopping for you. One call usually gets you quotes from 8 great companies.
  • We save people hundreds of dollars on their insurance.
  • You are our friends and neighbors and we expect you to call us at home after hours when you have a problem.

Dan Muhlenkamp *****

Abby Timmerman is my niece, but don’t hold that against her. She is also just stubborn enough to work here. When she first approached me I told her I would never hire her because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fire her if it didn’t work out. She was not deterred. She sent me a resume anyway. She just wouldn’t quit till I finally called her references. One of them was the boss she was working under at the time at Cooper Farms, who told me Abby was a “super-star” and I should take the chance.

Abby’s stubbornness has paid off for both of us. I rely on Abby more than she knows and I hope I can be both a good coach and an uncle for her.

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Dan Muhlenkamp *****

Stacy Lochtefeld sits in my office all day long trying to make my crazy ideas come to life. That alone probably will either drive her crazy, or make her a saint. But really, she is just “level-headed” enough to talk me out of things, and open minded enough to make Preferred Insurance stand out.

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Dan Muhlenkamp *****

Amanda Kremer was the first sales person Preferred Insurance Center hired since John Boeke hired me in 1989. The day she came for her first interview we had 100 pink flamingos in our front yard to kick off our flamingo flocking. I thought she might just turn around and leave. She didn’t and I’m glad. Amanda can be the office “smart ___”, but she keeps us light, and does what’s right.

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Dan Muhlenkamp *****

Gina was hired as a sales assistant, but also to “give Dan a life back”. She is so indispensable. She understands so many things and has helped so many of us achieve our goals. She is now the office manager and I frankly can’t imagine a better one. She keeps her fingers on the pulse of everything and I am so grateful. But more important than all that, Gina remembers that we all have to have fun sometimes and she’ll plan or do something to make it fun to work at Preferred Insurance Center..

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