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      At Preferred Insurance Center we do a lot of things right.

      • We give $10 to charity every time we give a quote.
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      • You are our friends and neighbors and we expect you to call us at home after hours when you have a problem.

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      Lunch Buddy Wrap Up

      Lunch Buddy Wrap Up Abby, Amanda, Andy and Stacy had the pleasure to participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Lunch Buddy program this 2015-2016 school year. The Lunch Club is a mentoring program where children in the program are matched with volunteers from the... read more

      Fort Recovery Garage Sale 2016

      Preferred Insurance Center and Auto-Owners are sponsoring the Flamingo Fundraiser which supports the Ft. Recovery Traveling Tribe. Preferred Insurance and Auto-Owners are each donating $10 for every flock of flamingos that are placed during the Ft. Recovery Garage... read more

      Student Loan Repayment Options: Deferment vs. Forbearance

      According to StartClass, an educational data site, the outstanding balance of the nation’s student loans is growing by an estimated $2,726.27 every second. It is evident that student loan debt is a serious problem in the United States, as it has now passed $1... read more

      College Students: Save Money Now!

      College Budgeting is not easy. Regardless of your source of income, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the challenges college costs can present. Thankfully there are resources to save your college bank account from the rapid decline and save you some extra... read more

      Save More on Groceries at Walmart: Here’s How

      Walmart is notorious for their low prices, but there are many more ways to save on your groceries aside from just the low prices. Check out these tips on how to save, and put those extra savings elsewhere!       1. Take advantage of Price Match Price... read more

      Best Personal Finance Books for All Ages

      Personal finance is important to understand at any age. With so many resources, and so much information to absorb, these books make it easy and enjoyable to learn about personal finance. Teens The Complete Guide to Personal Finance: For Teenagers by Tamsen Butler This... read more

      Jumping To A Fulfilling Life

      I’ve been working on a short guide to a fulfilling life for a while now, but didn’t know how to present it or what to really do with it. It’s not great, just something I’ve been doing personally for a while and I tried to figure out how to... read more