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      At Preferred Insurance Center we do a lot of things right.

      • We give $10 to charity every time we give a quote.
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      BBBS Donation Page

      The true competition is to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer/Auglaize Counties. Craig and Susie are looking not only to kick butt on the dance floor, but also raising the most funds for this great organization! For every $10 donated, receive 1 entry for a chance to win 2 OSU v. Michigan tickets!

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      Crucial Conversations: A Crisis Is A Terrible Time To Talk

      A crisis is a terrible time to talk, and here is why. For thousands and thousands of years almost every crisis a human faced was a physical. Think about it. We were hunting a wooly mammoth or running from a tiger. We were using a spear or running from a spear. We have...

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      Back To School Giveaway | And the winner is….

      We would like to announce the winner of the Back to School Giveaway is ANITA HEMMELGARN of St. Henry, Ohio! She was the lucky one of over 1,000 shares and likes for the Facebook giveaway. The giveaway included: basket of school supplies, $100 Kohl’s gift card...

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      Change Your Life!

      Change Your Life! Is it possible? Why would you do it? How hard is it? Is it worth it? Not only is it possible to change your life, it is impossible for your life not to change. The thing about your life is that it works a lot like an airplane in flight. Just like an...

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      Coldwater Creek Alpacas

      10% OFF With Coupon Alpaca Apparel: Hats, Gloves, Socks, Scarves, Sweaters, Teddy Bears. Great Christmas Gift Ideas! Email To Me    Email To...

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      Business Planning – Decide Who Gets To Decide & How

      Make up your mind who gets to have input, and who gets to decide. It may sound simple, but it isn’t often. In some organizations they vote on everything. That isn’t leadership at all, that is a recipe for disaster. We are talking about writing plans and...

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      Business Planning – How To Write A Culture Statement

      Business planning needs to start somewhere, and I think it should start with writing a culture description.  I debated between writing a Mission Statement or a Culture Statement. I chose to start with the Culture Statement because it is a statement about...

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      Summer Watering

      July and August tend to be very hot and dry in Ohio so watering plants is an important landscaping task this time of the year. Proper and adequate water is critical for plant survival and new root growth. Water should be applied as needed, not by a calendar or clock....

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